Killing Eve recap: ‘Take Me To The Hole!’


The noose tightens around Villanelle in “Take Me To The Hole!” as the team closes in on her real identity.

Killing Eve has done a great job pacing out this season with reveals about the assassin’s past. However, every viewer is asking what happened so long ago to set this woman on such a dark path? “Take Me To The Hole!” is the first real glimpse of Villanelle uncomfortable in her surroundings and it adds a new layer to her character.

This hour has both protagonists suddenly questioning the motives of their superior. Villanelle or Oksana is sent back to a Russian prison to dispatch Nadia. Konstantin is acting a bit more nurturing than usual but it doesn’t raise any red flags for her. Eve, on the other hand, joins Carolyn on their own expedition to Russia.

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The two MI6 agents head to dinner with Russian intelligence and are joined by none other than Konstantin! He’s apparently an old friend of Carolyn’s and the two are extremely close, something Eve picks up on right away. While it’s clear Konstantin is playing both sides, Eve suddenly has a reason to suspect Carolyn of doing the same in “Take Me To The Hole!”.

It’s hard to tell what everyone’s endgame is at this point. There’s no doubt both Konstantin and Carolyn are playing their own game. However, Eve just wants to take down Villanelle so she can finally rest easy. This means she isn’t willing to wait around for the go-ahead and tasks Kenny with digging into his mother’s relationship.

Meanwhile, Villanelle is suffering through latrine duty as a fake inmate in a Russian prison. Even when she’s stuck in her least glamorous mission to date, she manages to have a bit of fun. Whether it’s antagonizing a guard or fellow prisoners, Villanelle constantly has a smile on her face.  In fact, it’s all the more traumatizing for all the witnesses who see her easily murder three guards before chasing after Nadia.

Poor Nadia, “Take Me To The Hole!” is basically serves as a ticking clock for the girl. She isn’t going to escape this life, even when Eve finally gives her a way out. The arrival of Konstantin sends the poor girl into a fit of terror, and she ends up giving up the mysterious Ana. At this point, he seems fine for Villanelle to be tossed under the bus so long as he comes out unscathed.

It comes as no surprise when Villanelle manages to grab the injured Nadia in her room. The girl is sobbing because she knows this is the end, but she does manage to get Eve one last message. “Take Me To The Hole!” sends Villanelle to the titular “hole” as a punishment for all of the murders she’s committed. Of course, the assassin thinks this is the plan for her extraction.

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Turns out, this was simply Konstantin’s plan to keep her locked in a secure cell to stop her behavioral issues. For the first time, Villanelle has truly been stripped of her freedoms and stuck in a hole. It’s actually a little surprising that she couldn’t pick up on her hander’s plan this entire time. Undoubtedly, she’ll be looking for a violent kind of vengeance later in the season.

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