Trust season 1, episode 8 recap: ‘In the Name of the Father’


On”In the Name of the Father” we get up close and personal with the captors of Getty III!

Trust takes an interesting approach in this week’s episode, “In the Name of the Father”, as it shifts its focus entirely on the captors of Getty III–and their family. Last week Getty III came inches within being rescued, but thanks to Getty Sr., it all resulted in an epic fail. What is up with that guy anyway?

Most of this week’s episode was in Italian, which meant viewers had to pay extra close attention so as not to miss any major plot points. The focus of “In the Name of the Father” is on young Francesco who is the youngest member of the family mafia and is celebrating his confirmation. It appears he has to follow in the family’s footsteps, much to the disapproval of his mother.

Since obtaining money in exchange for Getty III was an absolute failure, Primo and the gang tried very hard to keep this a secret from Salvatore–because they knew there would be hell to pay. After waiting four hours for someone to show up, Primo gave up and drove away with Getty III still in their custody. They decided to hide him because they didn’t want anyone to know that the mission had failed miserably.

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Of course, there was the confirmation of Francesco to worry about during “In the Name of the Father”. This results in a beautiful insight into the ceremony, and the celebrations that followed afterward. However, Leonardo persists to lie to Salvatore regarding Getty III, and his wife intends to keep it that way until their son’s special day has ended.

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During dinner, Leonardo shares his aspirations for Francesco and how he plans to go to university, and not join the mafia. Salvatore really isn’t having it and gives Francesco a knife as a present. The town begins to get suspicious when no money has been distributed following the supposed exchange of Getty III.

The episode takes a frightening turn when Salvatore learns the truth and finds out they have been told lies about Getty III. Fingers are pointed at one another over who is to take the blame, but Primo proves to be the bravest by blaming Salvatore himself for screwing up the talks with Getty Sr.

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Meanwhile, Francesco stumbles across the cave that Getty III is being held in. Taking out the knife that was just gifted to him, he proceeds to help Getty III out as he tells him how he will probably die and how he misses his siblings.

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The mafia is working hard to come up with a game plan, but Francesco decides to take it upon him and tries to free Getty III. And despite being free, Getty III tells him he doesn’t have anywhere to go. He asks Francesco to cut off his ear and send it off to his parents, so they will take some action. And Francesco, a young boy, does just that–slowly cuts off Getty III’s ear with his knife.

In the final moments of “In the Name of the Father”, Leonardo and the group show up to find Francesco covered in blood, carrying Getty III’s ear. I guess mafia life is the only life for him, right?

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