13 Reasons Why: refresh your memory before season two


13 Reasons Why season two premieres this Friday, May 18, on Netflix.

13 Reasons Why is finally coming back this Friday. Fans of the show waited, especially those who binged-watched within the first couple days of its release, over a year for the hit Netflix series to come back.

I know I need a refresher because I didn’t waste any time watching the first season last year. I bet a lot of you need it, too.

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Let’s explore last season’s major plot points and where we left all of our main characters by the end.

Main plot of the show

Hannah Baker tragically died before the show started. Her friend, Clay Jensen, found a box of cassette tapes with Hannah’s voice recorded on them explaining the reasons why she ended her life. Each side of each tape includes one reason she made the decision. Clay is one of those reasons, which is why he received the tapes.

Tape 1, Side A
Focus: Justin Foley
Why: After her first kiss with him (and ever), he spreads a racy picture of her and a rumor about their encounter going further than it did. Justin leaves town at the end of the season.

Tape 1, Side B
Focus: Jessica Davis
Why: She is her former BFF and blames Hannah for causing her breakup with Alex. At the end of the season, she tells her dad about her rape.

Tape 2, Side A
Focus: Alex Sandall
Why: Named Hannah’s butt the best in school to make Jessica jealous, which ultimately ended their friendship. He ends up with a shotgun wound at the end of the season.

Tape 2, Side B
Focus: Tyler Down
Why: He stalked Hannah and released a picture of her and Courtney kissing to the whole school. At the end of the season, we see him hid ammunition in his room. He also divulges the existence of the tapes in his deposition.

Tape 3, Side A
Focus: Courtney Crimsen
Why: Spread more rumors about Hannah to deflect attention about her own sexuality.

Tape 3, Side B
Focus: Marcus Cole
Why: He attempted to sexually assault Hannah in public on their Valentine’s Day date and then humiliated her.

Tape 4, Side A
Focus: Zach Dempsey
Why: He stole “positive notes” for Hannah in Communications class because she rejected his advances.

Tape 4, Side B
Focus: Ryan Shaver
Why: He stole a poem she wrote about her feelings and problems, then published it in the school paper without her approval.

Tape 5, Side A
Focus: Justin Foley (again)
Why: He allowed Bryce to rape his girlfriend, Jessica.

Tape 5, Side B
Focus: Sheri Holland
Why: She crashed her car into a stop sign, knocking it over. Then, Sheri abandoned Hannah when she tried to call the police to report it. It ultimately caused the death of Clay’s friend, Jeff Atkins, which was later mistakenly ruled a drunk driving incident.

Tape 6, Side A
Focus: Clay Jensen
Why: Because he complied with Hannah’s request to leave her alone at Jessica’s party. However, she makes it clear he is not on her list but has a tape because he’s part of the story.

Tape 6, Side B
Focus: Bryce Walker
Why: He raped Hannah in his hot tub. He never receives the tapes, but Justin tells him they exist.

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Tape 7, Side A
Focus: Mr. Porter
Why: As a final effort to get help, the guidance counselor didn’t believe her to be suicidal. Clay gives him the tapes, which includes his meeting with Hannah and Bryce’s rape confession during the last episode of the season.

Hopefully, this jogged your memory enough that you can jump right into the next season Friday. In the meantime, watch the latest trailer of 13 Reasons Why.