Another 13 Reasons Why trailer released ahead of season two


The second season of 13 Reasons Why begins next Friday on Netflix.

And just like that, another 13 Reasons Why trailer storms the interwebs.

We have a little over a week before Season two of the hit series debuts on Netflix. So, showrunners released one more look at what’s to come. But this one includes a caption that seems a bit troubling: “Hannah wasn’t the only one.”

Could this mean Hannah wasn’t the only troubled victim being pushed to suicide?

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It seems like Clay, and his friends will get to the bottom of it all and try to answer outstanding questions. It also looks like Hannah’s ghost is haunting Clay, or he’s hallucinating. Maybe Hannah is guiding him from beyond. We’ll know soon enough.

According to TV Line, season two of 13 Reasons Why will address many unanswered questions from season one. We hope to find out how Jessica is moving forward after her assault. Will Bryce finally get caught and punished for the attack on Jessica? How did Alex get shot? What is Tyler doing with all of that ammunition and weaponry? Will Clay ever get over the loss of Hannah?

From what we already know about the second season, 13 Reasons Why will focus a large of the season on Hannah’s trial. Finding more witnesses and victims could help the Bakers shine a light on how troubling the school has gotten. Based on some of the shots from the trailer, it’s safe to assume Hannah and Jessica aren’t the only girls he’s sexually assaulted.

One thing we do know, the show will take specific steps to alleviate the controversy surrounding it.

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Each season will now begin with a disclaimer offering help to those who may be at risk. We also know that the showrunners may have reshot some plot points because they could have been too triggering in light of recent events in the real world.

All will be revealed on May 18 when the popular series returns on Netflix. Will you be one of those participating in a 13-hour binge session?