Elisabeth Shue joins Amazon’s superhero series ‘The Boys’


The Boys expands its impressive roster with television veteran, Elisabeth Shue.

Amazon’s latest superhero series is shaping up to have one of the best casts in television. Deadline reports The Boys is now adding renowned actress, Elisabeth Shue, as a series regular for the first season. She’ll undoubtedly have her hands full in this dark comic book adaptation.

Shue will be playing Madelyn Stillwell, the Vice President of Hero Management for Vought (the defense contractor supplying superheroes). She’ll be tasked with putting out any fires the group of celebrity heroes manage to start. Considering the comics focus on heroes who are generally awful, she’s going to have a lot to sweep under the rug.

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Stillwell is known for her negotiating skills, something she needs to thrive in the world of public relations. However, her character description provides examples for some of the problems she’ll need to handle. One involves the hero A-Train (played by Jessee Usher) after he accidentally kills an innocent person.

This hints towards the events which set the story in motion. The Boys revolves around a group of vigilantes who are determined to take down the corrupt heroes. One of the protagonists, known as Wee Hughie (played by Jack Quaid), joins the team after his girlfriend is killed by A-Train due to his carelessness.

It seems like Elisabeth Shue’s character is going to get her hands dirty trying to protect the heroes. If she does work to cover up these crimes, The Boys will undoubtedly come after her as well. It seems like Madelyn is a gender-swapped version of the character, James Stillwell. However, her characterization seems much more humane than her comic book version.

James Stillwell is consistently described as a money-hungry sociopath throughout the Garth Ennis comics. Madelyn Stillwell seems like she’ll be a bit more sympathetic but just as ruthless at her job. It will be an interesting change of pace to see a tough female authority figure who can outwit both superheroes and investigators.

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The Boys will be adapted for television by Timeless co-creator, Eric Kripke as well as Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. The latter two have worked together to bring another Ennis graphic novel to the silver screen, Preacher, with much success. Amazon seems confident this twisted take on superhero stories will be a big hit with fans.