13 Takeaways from 13 Reasons Why: ‘The First Polaroid’


Netflix released all 13 episodes of 13 Reasons Why Season 2 in the middle of the night.

13 Reasons Why is back! For the next 13 days, you will get a recap of every episode of 13 Reasons Why’s second season. But instead of your traditional recap, you’ll get the 13 most important takeaways from the episode.

1. Let the trial begin!

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About five months passed, and during the break, students gave their depositions, and the school district attempted to settle with the Bakers to avoid going to trial. Unfortunately, for the school district, the Bakers rejected their final offer at a settlement, and they started a trial.

Most of the cast seemed surprised it came to a trial. Clay mentions how upset he is that Brice won’t be held accountable for raping Hannah and Jessica. So, when the trial is back on, he’s relieved. There’s only one thing…

2. Clay isn’t on any witness list.
Clay’s mom informs him the trial will happen, but for some reason, Clay is left off both the prosecution and defense witness lists. We also find out Clay’s mom, who initially worked on the case as a lawyer, stepped away from the case since she thought it would be a conflict of interest with Clay being so close to the case.

3. Clay and Skye are a couple.
We first see the new couple on a moped cruising to a tattoo parlor so Clay can get his first tattoo. He faints; still a glimpse of the old Clay.

They attempt to have sex, but he stops when he finds cuts on her legs. We find out she’s a cutter and that Clay has been helping her get through her feelings so that she doesn’t hurt herself anymore. When they attempt to have sex again later, a familiar face stops them (which we’ll cover later). So, Clay is still a virgin.

4. Mrs. Baker is pissed.
Mrs. Baker chopped her hair off because she ain’t got time to mess around with hair while she’s trying to get justice for her daughter. She has her own detective’s bulletin board which she stares at for hours trying to connect the dots. The guilt she feels for not telling Hannah she was beautiful enough is overwhelming. She seems like she’s mad at the world. And her husband, who didn’t approve of the trial, didn’t make a single appearance. Maybe they aren’t together anymore.

5. Alex survived his gunshot wound.
We find out Alex shot himself and is on the mend. He also got rid of that stupid bleached-blonde dye job and walks with a cane. Alex also can’t remember what happened the month leading up to the suicide attempt. After reading the note he left his family, and wonders what he meant by, “I couldn’t have stopped it.” What? We don’t know…yet.

6. Jessica is trying to move on.
Alex and Jessica seem to have rekindled their friendship. They decide to go back to school together after their five-month sabbatical. Jessica wants to move on with her life. But Bryce spun her rape story around, and now the school thinks Jessica is a “slut.”

7. Bryce is still a scumbag.
Do I need to elaborate? He’s still running the school, except now it’s baseball season. Oh, and he has a girlfriend who happens to run the cheerleading squad, in which Jessica is a member.

8. Mr. Porter isn’t holding back anymore.
One of the best scenes is when Mr. Porter throws Bryce against the wall by his throat and threatens him. For the first time, Bryce seems rattled.

9. Notes are “passed.”
“For Sale,” signs placed on the Baker’s lawn say, “Get out.” Tyler receives threatening messages on his negatives in the darkroom to keep quiet. Jessica gets a sex doll hanging by a noose on her porch that reads, “Slut.” And Clay receives a Polaroid of Hannah, and on the back, it says, “Hannah wasn’t the only one.” I have a feeling we’ll get more Polaroids. But who’s writing them?

10. There’s more to Hannah’s acquaintance with Tyler.
In court, Tyler recounts his first meeting with Hannah and the bullying culture at the school. He’s another one that doesn’t give AF anymore. He thought Hannah was beautiful and convinced her to do a photo shoot, showing off her beauty.

11. Tony is hiding something.
The defense (school) called Tony as a witness for some reason. He and Clay don’t understand why, although Tony alludes that he knows more and may be hiding something that he feels guilty about. He also burns the note Hannah gave him about the tapes and an additional piece of paper we didn’t see.

12. Hannah was sexting someone.
During his court appearance, Tyler talks about how after the Justin/picture fiasco, he printed the pictures from the shoot to take them to her, to try to make her feel better. Instead, he began stalking her, taking pictures of her seemingly sexting someone. Who was she sexting?

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13. Clay sees Hannah…everywhere.
She pops up in front of his house. Then she’s sitting in court. He sees her when he tries to have sex with Skye; then she appears in his room. Does he have a tumor or did this show just go supernatural?

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