The Americans season 6, episode 8 recap: The Summit


This week on The Americans, Elizabeth learns The Center has been lying to her. Will she finally step away from this life? With two episodes left, your guess is as good as ours.

Philip and Elizabeth have been at odds for most of the final season, but last night’s episode may bring them together once and for all. He finally tells her that he has been sharing information regarding her missions to Oleg Burov who has alluded to The Center’s true intentions regarding Gorbachev. Of course, Elizabeth doesn’t take to this confession lightly and feels betrayed by Philip.

Elizabeth’s mission this week is to infiltrate a meeting between Nesterenko and American diplomats during the Summit. However, when access through Haskard fails, she resorts to using the intern from Senator Nunn’s office. This entails a lot of coddling, alcohol, and sexual relations, but she manages to get the job done–but not without him learning that she used him to get intel.

She lures him in with promises of scoring a job with her company, but of course, this is all a ruse so she can somehow record the conversation between Nesterenko and the diplomats. This is her only option after she kills Haskard’s wife when he fails to euthanize her himself. He refuses to go back to work, leaving her the option of using the intern to get what she needs.

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Stan is growing increasingly suspicious of his neighbors (about time!) and decides to ask around about them and see if anyone recognizes Elizabeth. He pulls out a picture of her but of course, with her many disguises, it is hard for his source to identify if she’s the same person. But he does give Stan a clue–the woman was a chain smoker.

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Philip is still struggling to keep the travel agency afloat but is feels riddled with guilt over firing Stavos. He pays him a visit only to learn that Stavos is still bitter and was aware that the Jennings’ were up to something shady all this time–but he never said a word about it. Uh oh.

Later on, when Jackson brings Elizabeth the box with the recorder in it, he confesses to her that he knows she is lying. There was no canceled meeting, and he found the recording device hidden inside the box. While he fears for his life, Elizabeth warns him to keep mum about what has happened and surprisingly lets him go.

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Elizabeth is caught off guard while listening to the tapes later when she hears Nesterenko’s true intentions regarding the Soviet Union. His motives are honest, and later when Claudia asks Elizabeth to kill him anyway, she hesitates to pull the trigger. She tells Claudia she won’t do it because he isn’t a traitor and she won’t take part in this.

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Suddenly, her life’s mission shatters in front of her eyes when she realizes The Center has used her to stage a revolution, rather than commit acts in the benefit of their country. Her disbelief triples when Claudia informs her that reports will be changed around to show that Nesterenko is a traitor and to prevent him from getting back home.

This is enough information to push Elizabeth over the edge. She returns home to tell Philip what she has learned and that she needs to speak to Burov–because the situation is all too real. He says he will send the message to Burov but another message from Father Andre has arrived indicating he’s in trouble. And the plot thickens.

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