13 Takeaways from 13 Reasons Why: “The Second Polaroid”


Each day, you will get a recap of one episode from 13 Reasons Why’s second season.

Here’s our recap of the fourth episode of the second season of 13 Reasons Why.

1. Clay gets another Polaroid.

And this one is a picture of Bryce’s bare butt as he rapes yet another girl. In both photos, the couch is the same. Ghost Hannah tells Clay he needs to find out the location where these photos were taken.

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2. I was wrong about Justin.

It’s not crack he’s addicted to; it’s heroin. You can probably tell, I don’t have experience with drugs — so, no wonder I didn’t know what the kid was smoking out Clay’s window in the last episode. That’s not good if Justin’s going to help the gang implicate Bryce.

3. Sheri wants to make amends.

We find out Sheri was in some sort of detention center from her involvement in Jeff Atkin’s accidental death. She learned some life skills, like how to take care of someone who’s detoxing. So, she takes care of Justin while Clay is at school. She mentions that she doesn’t just want to make up for what she did, she wants to live a good life and be a good person. She may be the only genuinely good person at this crazy high school.

4. Perfect Marcus is NOT perfect.

This dude flat-out lied on the stand about his Valentine’s date with Hannah. When they showed the flashback, I was triggered because I remember feeling sick about their encounter. Marcus claimed that when he went to grab her hand, she freaked out on him. The defense attorney, who’s a woman, by the way, insinuates Hannah was unreasonable. But NO ONE has the right to put their hands on someone without permission! This made me angry when I watched it. Especially because what really happened, was Marcus tried to grab her in the you-know-where.

Marcus also claimed that Hannah had a crush on Bryce, which is disgusting, considering he raped her. It’s infuriating. He says he did it because then it would help Bryce when he testifies. OK. Marcus sucks.

5. It all blows up in Marcus’ face.

As it turns out the “bomb” Tyler and Cyrus were making wasn’t really a bomb. It was some sort of boobie trap. As he approaches a big next to his car, it explodes pink paint all over his face and car. His rear window reads “hypocrite.”

After their successful attack, the two head to the woods to shoot at bottles. Watching their enjoyment of it was eerie. And in light of what happened in Texas this past weekend, it was uncomfortable to watch. Luckily, some random man saw them doing it. They wouldn’t show this all for no reason. I hope it doesn’t go where I think it’s going.

6. You won’t find sympathy from Mr. Porter.

I’ve said it before, but Mr. Porter doesn’t give AF. He paid a visit to Bryce’s mom, which freaked Bryce out and earned him a slap on the hand from the useless principal of Liberty. So, when Marcus goes to Mr. Porter about the incident, he tells him he’s got bigger fish to fry, there are people with real problems, and to get over it. All those who listened to the tapes knows that he lied.

7. Tony washes his hands of it all.

We know he’s on probation, but we still don’t know why. So, when Clay expects him to come help with Justin, he sends Sheri in his place. He can’t get involved and risk getting in more trouble. But when Olivia asks him for help in finding Justin, because she also figures out he’s the key to implicate Bryce, Tony can’t help but get involved. He already knows where he is, duh.

8. Jessica took action about the threats.

It was reassuring when Jessica and her parents took evidence of these crazy threats being made against her to Mr. Porter. Notice they went to him and not to the principal. Good move, in my opinion. But he reassured her that he would protect her.

9. Jess and Alex’s day out.

Even with reassurance from Mr. Porter, Jess talked Alex into ditching school and having a fun day out to forget about the drama surrounding them. They visit the movies, they visit Olivia at the pharmacy, and they end up hitting the beach. Then, Alex and Jess kiss, which starts out sweet, but she freaks out. It’s not him; it’s her and her PTSD from being raped. It was a devastating scene to watch.

10. Mr. Baker returns.

In his first appearance of the season, Mr. Baker comes to visit Olivia at the pharmacy. He tells her that her statement she made about Hannah was beautiful. But, he’s not optimistic about the trial, saying they could lose everything. But, they have lost everything in Olivia’s eyes. Hannah’s death destroyed them. Then the bombshell — he’s with another woman.

11. Zach’s gets a little surprise in his gym bag.

It’s gross and bloody. I thought it might be a dead animal, but I looked away, so I honestly don’t know.

12. Mrs. Jensen finds a folder.

After snooping through the defense attorney’s things after she leaves the office, she finds Clay’s file and reads it. She steals his cell phone records. Why though?

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13. Alex gets the tapes.

Well, not the physical tapes, but Clay finally sends the audio files of the tapes to Alex. He’s desperate to hear them so that he can remember. He’s very worried about Alex and his mental stability once the tapes jog his memory. It was too much before to make him attempt suicide. But Alex wants to testify, and the tapes are the key for him to do it.