The dramedy genre’s profound rise in the golden age of television


The dramedy genre continues to dominate the television industry. Why are they among the best stories in this Golden Age of Television?

It’s widely accepted that television is in a golden age. As most of the film industry plummets, more and more writers, directors and actors are shifting focus to the television medium. One of the most interesting trends in this golden age of television is the rise of the dramedy genre.

Most dramedies are half an hour in length, filling sitcom time slots and budgets. But the hybrid approach to comedy and drama widens the range of the demographic they’re able to reach. Some audiences that prefer the serious tone of a drama are less inclined to seek out sitcoms that don’t carry the emotional weight they’re accustomed to.

Inversely, sitcom lovers may stay away from the heavier dramatic programs if they’re looking for an escape or a release from the tensions and conflicts in their own life. The dramedy walks the line between both and manages to attract fans from both sides of the spectrum.

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The wider emotional range provides a more complete human experience, as dramedies can provoke both hysterical laughter and cathartic tears in the same episode.

The comedic elements punch harder when the narrative is striking dramatic cords, as the funny moments provide a release from the tension.

The drama doesn’t often take the audience into the depths of despair, pacing the seriousness with comedic relief. The two tones complement and amplify one another.

HBO and FX are two of the best networks for dramedies. HBO has found success with recently renewed freshman dramedy Barry, a show about a hit man discovering a passion for acting and trying to use it as an escape from his guilt-ridden past.

FX has a small stable of these shows, including Atlanta, Better Things and You’re the Worst. All three of these shows are some of the best on television, regardless of genre. Each of them covers this wide range of emotions, as some episodes are non-stop hilarity while others punch you in the feels and leave a lasting mark on your soul.

Television is evolving and continuing to establish itself as the premiere storytelling medium. Dramedies are one of these evolutions and are taking the throne from all other contenders, quickly becoming the number one television genre.

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No longer do audiences have to choose between drama or comedy when they can have both. Take off your limitations and open yourself up to the full spectrum of human experience.

Grab your remote, put on a dramedy and you’ll see that it’s finally possible to have your cake and eat it too.