‘Atlanta’ Season 2 preview: FX drops two new clips ahead of premiere


The hype continues to build around the return of Atlanta and Donald Glover on FX. 

The long-awaited Season 2 of Atlanta is finally getting ready to premiere and fans can’t wait to see what Donald Glover has in store for us next. As the countdown toward the March 1 premiere continues, FX released two new clips on Monday, letting us get a tiny peek at what’s to come.

As the follow up to an award-winning premiere for Atlanta, Donald Glover and the rest of the crew wanted to create a storyline that was just as appealing as the fist. Titled “Robbin’ Season,” the tagline for Atlanta’s second season is “everybody gotta eat” and the story is set during the holidays.

No one really knows what to expect from the second season, especially since Season 1 of Atlanta was so different from other TV shows. Although there was a storyline that carried on throughout the show, each episode didn’t necessarily pick up from where the last left off. There was a break in fluidity that would break many shows. Instead, it only made this FX hit even better.

FX released two new clips for Atlanta ahead of the March 1 premiere and it’s safe to say that the show its just as surreal as it was last season.


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The first of the new Atlanta Season 2 promos is titled “Hunger.” In the very short clip, a montage of images flash quickly before hearing Donald Glover say, “It’s robbin’ season. Everybody gotta eat.” That’s going to be the overall theme this time around and is supposed to separate the first season from the second.

In the 15 second tease of what’s to come, we quickly see images of police cars, then a man (presumably Earn) wearing a hockey mask at a party. There are images of Paperboi blowing smoke out of his nostrils, a lizard, Earn again saying “What up!” and then a few dingy shots of Atlanta.

The latest clip doesn’t really show any context as far as what to expect from the second season of Atlanta. All we know so far is that the story continues on with Earn, his rapper cousin who has recently become a local celebrity, and his relationship with Van.


The second clip released by FX gives a bit more insight into what may happen during Season 2 of Atlanta.  In “Paper,” we see that Earn’s quest to end his homelessness may be over.  In the ultrashort clip, we see Earn get a check and by his reaction, it’s a big one. Van comments about his “glow up” before the imagery starts quickly shifting again.

From there, we see Earn at a strip club and a bunch of people at a party as if they are celebrating. Then, Earn is shown driving with Van in the passenger seat when he either slams on the breaks or hits something. It’s hard to tell which.

Those who loved the first season of Atlanta should definitely be ready for the long wait to be over. Based on what we’ve seen of Season 2 so far, it looks like Donald Glover is hitting the mark again.

As Earn becomes a less desperate version of himself in Season 2, we’ll see how he adjusts and how that affects his relationship with Van. According to Uproxx, the upcoming season will air more like a conventional drama with a smoother storyline.

We won’t be seeing fragmented episodes like the infamous talk show episode that even had its own commercials. Fans of Atlanta certainly haven’t forgotten the quirkiness that made it so unique so we’re watching to make sure Glover and his crew can deliver the same great show as before, except different.

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Atlanta Season 2 “Robbin’ Season” premieres on Thursday, March 1 at 9 pm EST.