What to expect from Ryan Murphy’s new FX series Pose


Ryan Murphy is set to make history with his latest FX series, Pose! Here’s what we can expect from this riveting new drama.

We cannot wait for FX’s Pose to air come June 3rd, and there is so much to be excited about. The series will focus on the lavish, glamorous world of ballroom dancing in the LGTBQ community circa 1987 New York City. There is a lot to look forward to in regards to the series, and a lot we can expect from it as the series premiere inches closer.

A historical, diverse cast

First and foremost, Pose will have the largest transgender cast in series regular roles, ever. Isn’t that absolutely amazing? The cast members that are part of the series include M.J. Rodriguez, Dominique Jackson, Hailie Sahar, Indya Moore, and Angelica Ross–along with many others.

Of course, Ryan Murphy has also brought on some of his favorite actors to join the series including American Horror Story alum, Evan Peters. Joining Peters and the rest of the cast will be James Van Der Beek and Kate Mara.

The perfect setting

Along with the extremely diverse cast, the backdrop of the series will be in 1980’s New York City. There will be an intermingling of the downtown crowd with NYC’s finest crowd. The focus of the series is on the ballroom scene and will display the LGBTQ community having a space to address and live out their creative sides.

A non-fictional plot

While the story being told may not be based on actual people, the premise of the series is. The ballroom scene has never been a focus of a television show before this, but Murphy and his creative team brought on professional ballroom dancers to bring authenticity to the plot.

We can expect the marvelous dance scenes to be a direct result of the mentors that were a part of the show’s crew. Sol Williams, Hector Xtravaganza, and Skylar King were part of this crew and served as mentors for the cast to learn from.

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It is a beautiful combination of a genre and talent that has never been put on such a grand platform before. Along with the mentors mentioned above, some of the trans actors involved are also a part of the ballroom community and will be bringing their talents to the series.

Murphy is very fond of Pose and the work he has created–and we have to say, we are too!

"“Now is the time to tell this story, about this group of people who, sadly are more and more disenfranchised and cut off. We want to celebrate them…The timing of this show is very important.”"

We agree, Mr. Murphy–100%!

Pose will premiere on FX on June 3rd at 9 PM EST!