Uglydolls film and animated series lands at Hulu


The Uglydolls franchise is growing. In addition to a movie, STX Entertainment has completed a deal with Hulu to launch an animated kids series. It will be STX’s first animated franchise.

This is also big news for Hulu. In addition to 26 episodes of the show, Hulu will also have exclusive streaming rights to the upcoming feature film after it’s done in theaters. After big success as a plush toy, Uglydolls are expanding at an alarming rate — much like the Beanie Babies craze of the 1990s.   The Uglydolls, however, have a distinct appearance and philosophy.  They embrace “ugly” as unique or special.

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Details are scarce, but Robert Rodriguez is slated to direct the film. Rodriguez has success as a filmmaker and spearheaded the El Rey cable network.  Also, according to IMDb, rapper PitBull is going to voice one of the characters.  Uglydolls creators David Horvath and Sun-min Kim are receiving story credit, with Blaise Hemingway listed as a writer.

Similar franchises have enjoyed sustained success, such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or My Little Pony, which survived well past the 1980s. Of course, others haven’t fared so well, likeThe Garbage Pail Kids, whose movie is often called the worst of all time.

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The news of an Uglydolls television show comes on the heels of Hulu’s push to create more series for kids. This probably won’t be the last big name animated show for the streaming service to announce in the upcoming months.

In any case, many parents can expect to hear about Babo, Cinko, Ice-Bat, Jeero, OX, Target, Tray, Wage, Wedgehead and others well into the future.

Source: Deadline