The Americans season 6, episode 9 recap: Jennings, Elizabeth


The Americans final penultimate episode sets the stage for the series finale as the Jennings face an uncertain future

This is it, folks. We are officially one episode away from the last episode of The Americans, ever! And if this week was any indication, we best brace ourselves for what the series finale has in store. It appears Stan has pretty much figured out (finally!) that Elizabeth and Philip aren’t who they say they are.

In fact, he has already snooped around their house for clues, but this week takes it a step further to look them up on an ancient desktop many of us could never imagine using. His search is unsuccessful and comes up empty so he decides to pay Philip a visit at the travel agency.

He tries to maintain his cool and even offers to help Philip financially to help keep the business afloat. But we are not fooled by his generosity, especially considering Stan reaches out to Pastor Tim (yup, he’s still around) in Buenos Aires to ask about the Jennings family.

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Of course, Pastor Tim knows the truth but does not disclose any information to Stan, playing off that the Jennings are a normal family. Stan decides to share his suspicions with Agent Aderholt who gives him a bewildered look when Stan suggests that Philip and Elizabeth are Russian spies.

The stakes are so high in this week’s episode, and most of it is spent in the fear that the Jennings can no longer keep up their ruse. After meeting with Philip, Oleg is confronted by the authorities and brought in. He refuses to tell them anything but shares with Stan the intentions of the KGB to take down Gorbachev.

Once again, Stan tries to see if Philip and Elizabeth have any connection to this mess and pulls out a picture of them to show to Oleg. Refusing to acknowledge them as compatriots, Oleg tells Stan he is sacrificing his life back home for a reason–and he won’t steer from that.

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Elizabeth continues to monitor Nesterenko’s every move and does what she can to prevent any harm from coming to him. In fact, Elizabeth thwarts an assassination attempt on him and takes down the spy before the spy has a chance to kill him.

The next scene is a bit jarring and haunting when Elizabeth meets with Claudia to tell her she got in the way of Nesterenko’s assassination attempt and told Gorbachev’s people about what the KGB’s plan is. Claudia is baffled by Elizabeth’s betrayal and warns her that their days are numbered.

Philips disguises himself and meets with Father Andre, only to learn about the other priest that is meeting with the FBI. Suddenly he realizes that they are being followed and makes a run for it as FBI agents begin running after him. For a moment we’re almost certain it all ends here, but Philip ditches his disguise and gets into a cab. Phew, that was close.

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Back at the Jennings residence, Paige confronts Elizabeth about Jackson, and how he was seduced by Elizabeth. Things take a drastic turn when she goes as far as calling her mother “a whore”. Elizabeth reminds her that things weren’t so simple back home–and they had to do what they had to do.

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Philip calls Elizabeth from a pay phone and gives her the emergency signal to warn her that s*** is about to hit the fan. Of course, they’ve prepared for this and Elizabeth rushes into the garage gathering passports, money, license plates, and the works to make their grand escape.

So what is going to happen next week? Will they go back to Russia? Will the kids go with them? Where is Henry? And will Stan confront them? Tune in next week to find out when it all comes to an end.

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The Americans series finale will air next Wednesday on FX at 10/9c!