Trust season 1, episode 10 recap: ‘Consequences’


FX’s Trust ends its season one run on a somber, depressing note–sort of.

Things have been quite chaotic this season on Trust, and as we learned more and more about the Getty family, we were left wondering how this all actually transpired. In the season one finale, things sort of wrap up on a good and bad note, depending on how you want to look at it and what moment you want to look at.

Getty III was finally rescued in last week’s episode of Trust and is being taken care of, given his missing ear and all that. He’s doing surprisingly well given the circumstances from which he came, but Chace breaks the fourth wall to remind us that this isn’t the movies–and things are far from perfect. Don’t we remember how this all started?

As Martine and Gail tend to Getty III, he comes clean to Gail about helping plan the kidnapping. She refuses to believe this could be true–because come on, he’s missing an ear. Meanwhile, Getty Sr. is slowly and gradually falling apart, but not before he builds a museum dedicated to him in the Pacific Palisades.

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He tries to convince the board members to let him buy the Eglin Marbles and even offers half a billion dollars to acquire them. Money doesn’t always make the world go round, does it? Meanwhile, Primo starts to realize the power he has been given with Getty’s money, and begins making some moves.

His first target? Killing Fifty for sharing his name with Gail, because that places a huge target on their backs. And while Fifty think he’s getting away scot-free, Primo pushes him from the edge of a cliff and Fifty falls to his death. And then he heads to Don Salvatore’s house where he suffocates him with a pillow as he shoots him right in the head.

And while he does go to Leonardo’s house as well–he doesn’t intend to kill him, but rather wants them to be on the same team. Primo wants to build a port with the ransom money–and is seeing only dollar signs in their future.

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Move a little forward to 1974, and Getty Sr. is changing his looks and trying to be younger. He has made it clear he basically hates his family and refuses to take a phone call from Getty III. But things aren’t all glum and sad, because Getty III is getting married, and Martine is pregnant!

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He sends an invitation to his father, but he knew Paul couldn’t come to Italy for the wedding–a fact that really hurts Paul, especially after he paid his ransom. However, wedding mode is in full swing as Getty III’s uncles come for the special occasion. Gail is nowhere in sight though, because it appears Getty III and she have not spoken in some time.

As the night progresses, Getty III tells his uncle he has no interest in the trust money–and just wants his kid to have all the love in the world. And much to his surprise, Gail shows up at that very moment to celebrate his wedding. It seems all has been forgiven for his big day.

Things are looking on the up and up as Getty III has a beautiful wedding ceremony, and everyone is so insanely happy. But Chace pops up once again to remind us that this will not always be the case–or at least he hopes the future can change. We see his visions of Getty III doing drugs and sitting in a wheelchair.

While he hopes things may have changed anyway, he looks at the camera and tells the audience to Google what happened to Getty III. Don’t you just love this “breaking the fourth wall” stuff?

And while the future may not be so pleasant for the Gettys, Primo is making progress with the port as he celebrates with Leonardo and Francesco. Chace also informs us that two of the men involved in Getty III’s kidnapping have been arrested and will spend eight years in prison.

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Getty Sr. continues to get down on his luck when the museum refuses to take his check. He looks to his multiple scorned women for some comfort but is turned away by Belinda and Penelope. Belinda tells him that her son may be biologically his, but according to their contract, he has no rights to him.

Luck is really taking a bad turn for Getty Sr. as not only do the women of his past turn a blind eye to his downfall, but his dogs fall ill as well. Not to mention, the grand opening of his museum gets downright awful reviews from The New York Times and Los Angeles Times. Even Bullimore decides to leave his side once and for all.

It looks like this was Bullimore’s intention all along as he visits his old friend and former Getty gardener. The poisonous plants were a plan of theirs to hurt Getty through his dogs, and for a way to get Bullimore out of the Getty mansion. Don’t worry, the dogs will be fine.

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It is quite ironic, as Chace points out, that Getty Sr., who absolutely despised drugs, was whose money helped fund Primo’s port where 80% of the cocaine distributed in Europe came from. In fact, thanks to him it put Primo and his mafia at the top of their game. And if that’s not ironic enough, as the camera zooms out, we see the port is in the shape of an ear.

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Paul finally gets some much-needed help when Victoria tricks him into meeting her at a rehab center. And while he resists, she tells him she will leave him if he doesn’t stay. And stay he does. And things, for now, seem to be on the up and up for Getty III, Martine, their baby, and Gail.

Getty Sr., however, is alone in his mansion now, with no one left to care about him or for him. Chace narrates the story of King Midas and how everything he touched turned to gold, but he died of starvation. It seems like this is the case for Getty Sr. himself. The episode ends with Chace visiting his ex-wife to go see his son who may not recognize him but sure is happy to see him–cut to black.

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