6 must watch Netflix originals premiering in June 2018

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Sense8 series finale – Image: Netflix

Sense8: Series Finale

Netflix is known for giving fan favorite shows a second life after cancellation — apparently, even when Netflix itself cancels the show. Sense8  is a very special case indeed as the streaming service canceled the Wachowski-created series after its second season.

Now its back, but just for one last episode to allow writers to wrap things up after previously ending the show on a cliffhanger. Fans and the Wachowskis haven’t quite given up on a season 3 just yet, but the 2-hour series finale was perhaps more than they were expecting.

All of the main cast and most of the supporting have returned for the final episode as a group of seven psychically connected individuals struggle to rescue the eighth member of their “sensate cluster” from a menacing organization.

The final Sense8 episode drops on June 8.

The Ranch season 3 – Image: Netflix

The Ranch: Season 3

I will say right now that The Ranch doesn’t sound like a show that is in my wheelhouse. It sounds like a derivative, lowbrow, multi-camera sitcom which is not my style of comedy at all.

I’m more on the Arrested Development side of the spectrum for sitcoms. However, there was something in the description of it that kept me reading about it and had me interested — against my natural instincts.

Maybe it was the fact that they film a comedy about a ranch on a soundstage in front of a live studio audience — which sounds practically impractical — or maybe it was just the lure of Sam Elliott — who of course plays a hard to love patriarchal type character — or maybe it was the grudgingly good reviews from critics who would ordinarily dismiss a show like this.

Whatever the reason, The Ranch is back for season three and drops the first half of episodes on June 15.