Better Call Saul announces return date for season 4


Season 4 of AMC’s Better Call Saul has confirmed its return date

Better Call Saul is back for another round! Almost a year ago, the Breaking Bad prequel was renewed for another season. Now we know that its fourth season has been confirmed for August 6. 

Yes, the sleazy, crooked attorney we all come to know as Saul is back, but as we learned at the end of the Season 3 finale, he still hasn’t adopted his new persona.

We’re getting closer, though. Jimmy just lost one of the two people he genuinely cares for. Cliffhangers and questions on the fate of Chuck have been revealed, and Jimmy’s brother didn’t make it out of the house fire at the end of the finale.

So what’s ahead for next season? The official release says:

"“Chuck’s death catalyzes Jimmy McGill’s transformation into Saul Goodman. In the wake of his loss, Jimmy takes steps into the criminal world that will put his future as a lawyer — and his relationship with Kim — in jeopardy. Chuck’s death deeply affects former colleagues Howard (Patrick Fabian) and Kim as well, putting the two of them once again on opposite sides of a battle sparked by the Brothers McGill.”"

Joining Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) for Season 4’s cast will be Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend and co-worker, Kim (Rhea Seehorn), and inspiring drug kingpin and the not long for this world, Nacho (Michael Mando). Also returning are Breaking Bad alumni, hitman Mike Ehrmantrout (Jonathan Banks) and notorious villain Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito).

While Season 4 will further spur Jimmy’s transformation, Better Call Saul’s co-creator, Vince Gilligan, teased to Den of Geek that the show might not just be a prequel to Breaking Bad:

"“Just from watching this show you can tell that it’s a finite story. And we know that even further from the fact that this show has to butt up against the beginning of Breaking Bad. So there is a finite nature here. But there’s one difference in Better Call Saul’s finite nature that wasn’t there with Breaking Bad, which is that there is yet again the possibility of a whole other story to be told through the black-and-white beginnings of a post-Breaking Bad world that we’ve put at the top of each season.”"

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Keeping consistent with past seasons, Season 4 will have 10 episodes. The premiere will air at  9 p.m. EST on August 6.

We have few guarantees for where this season will head. One sure thing is that the man we come to know as Saul Goodman will be one step closer to meeting a Mr. Walter White.