Vice season 6 episode 8 recap: ‘Printing Tomorrow and Are We Alone’


On the latest episode of Vice, the show featured an in-depth look at 3D printing and the race to make contact with life on other planets.

Since they provide the opportunity to create complex things that were previously considered impossible, 3D printing is now the subject of intense interest. It has led to innovations in medicine by helping create limbs from human tissue for people who’ve lost body parts. Vice even notes Human Heart valves can now be created by 3D Printing.

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As 3D printing greatly reduces the time and resources needed for manufacturing, it has been called a new Industrial Revolution. But in terms of space technology, 3D printers can be used to create rockets for space exploration on Mars.

The other featured story was how that same technology could lead to the discovery of life outside Earth. From the beginning, the question of are we alone in the universe has perplexed mankind. The idea of discovering life outside of Earth has captivated all those interested in science. As space exploration has gone on, more planets have been discovered with the capability to support life. Research has gone on to suggest we may be closer to finding life outside Earth than we think. It’s only a matter of time and resources.

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Both segments on Vice are closely related as they feature technology and the wondrous possibilities that it may provide for space exploration. Since the technology is used by NASA, 3D printing directly impacts discovering life on other planets. Discovering life on another planet would be one of the greatest moments in scientific history.

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