Pose season 1, episode 2 recap: ‘Access’


Pose hones in on the concept of its central characters gaining access to the important things in their life–love, inclusion, and acceptance.

Pose may not be a show for everyone but something about its execution and storyline is very gripping and addictive to me. I am so enamored by the glamour of its plot and I love that the main characters have such a deep story to tell as well.

This week’s episode is all about getting access in varying contexts.

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Blanca works hard to get access to a gay bar that doesn’t serve the transgender community while Stan tries to gain access to additional funds to give Angel her own apartment so he can have access to her any time. Suffice to say, it’s quite the interesting episode and once again it magnifies hardships of a community that has always been shunned.

Things take a slightly romantic turn for Damon this week when he meets a guy named Ricky who is head over heels for him from the get-go. Damon is quite nervous about this encounter because he has never been with or kissed anyone before, and it all feels too much, too fast. And even though Ricky tries to convince him to hook up and stay out past his curfew time–Damon resists.

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Of course, upon his return home, mama Blanca is not very happy with him. She has set rules and expects every single person to abide by them. However, her anger soon turns into a heartfelt conversation when she offers Damon guidance and her love. She tells him to practice safe sex (when it happens), stay away from drugs, and be smart and vigilant about his life–because it’s brutal out there.

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I think the sex talk between Damon and Blanca is extremely powerful because it is not a topic that is discussed anywhere–or like, ever. And this is why Pose is such an important show because it’s highlighting and bringing up topics that people are so afraid of bringing up.

The Damon/Ricky dynamic is an interesting one this week because it has many highs and lows very quickly but realistically. Damon gets asked to attend the ballet by one of his school instructors and ends up standing up Ricky for their first real date. And although Ricky is extremely irritated and insecure by the situation, the two end up going to the ballet together later which makes for a beautiful, poignant moment.

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And there’s Stan. Oh, Stan. He spends most of the episode trying to achieve access to a lifestyle he clearly can’t afford. He explains to his wife Patty that they have to give off the impression they are extremely wealthy in order to fit in with the crowd from work. And although she asks for a dishwasher, he abruptly refuses because he’d rather she wear an expensive dress and be accepted by his peers.

Stan also goes above and beyond to give and get access from Angel, who he claims to be falling in love with and willing to do anything for. He learns that she is no longer working the streets, but now working indoors for those willing to pay a small fee to gain access to her. This is a point of frustration for Stan who does not want other men to be with her.

He offers to buy her an apartment if she promises to stop working the way she has been. But how exactly will he afford to pull this off? Well, a conversation with his boss manages to get him a bonus along with his boss’ praise for entertaining a side piece. The extra funds give him the ability to take care of Angel and get his wife that new dishwasher.

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Blanca has an interesting storyline this week as she works extremely hard to be allowed entry into a gay bar that refuses to acknowledge the transgender community. And despite being kicked out multiple times, and even being arrested for it, she continues to persist.

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This is a harsh reminder that this community faces these problems in the real world, and the phobia has been a constant source of angst and disappointment for the transgender population. The fight to make a place is a problem in current times and Pose does an amazing job bringing this aspect to life.

Pose airs every Sunday on FX at 9 PM EST!