Pose season 1, episode 3 recap: ‘Giving and Receiving’


Pose celebrates Christmas this week as Damon faces Blanca’s wrath for having trouble in school.

It may be June, but its Christmas time on Pose! Last week, Blanca faced some prison time, but this week she is all about the holiday spirit and wants her children to join in on the fun.

However, she runs into some issues with Damon, who gets into trouble at school when he shows up late for class.

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As punishment, Blanca decides to prevent Damon from participating in the Winter Ball, which he is furious about. But she is determined to keep the Christmas spirit alive, even if her children are trying to resist.

Case in point, Angel recalls a sad Christmas memory and tells Blanca she does not want anything for the holiday.

Elektra decides to make a big change in her life when she visits the doctor regarding a gender reassignment surgery. She has decided to make the complete change, but one thing that sticks out in the scene is that her surgery would be under the radar–very different than the current environment.

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Stan and Angel’s relationship continues to get more and more serious as they spend time together in the apartment Stan gifted her. She asks him for one request and that is to come over at some point during Christmas Day.

Of course, things don’t exactly pan out that way when Stan gets caught up with his family after a random visit from his boss.

His boss isn’t exactly happy with Stan and is looking to stir up drama within him and his wife. He shows up bearing gifts on Christmas, and plants a seed of doubt into her mind and instigates her to confront Stan about the affair. Of course, he reassures this is not the case and showers her with expensive gifts. Oh, Stan.

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A crucial aspect of Pose this week is the AIDs crisis continuing to worsen. As we know, Blanca is currently a victim of the disease and is facing a reality so many did during the 80s. Her HIV-positive future is too grim a reality to think about but alas it is one that the viewers can’t shake off.

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The episode ends on a sweet note when Blanca and the kids get Christmas dinner together at a restaurant and celebrate the true meaning of their unique family.

It’s a very beautiful moment as the kids gift Blanca with something as well, something they all saved up for. Blanca’s family is shaping up to be one better than she ever imagined, isn’t it?

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