Fear The Walking Dead Season 4: The positives and negatives

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NEGATIVE — The Last 3 Episodes

All the great early episodes we received in season 4 soon led to a negative. The last three episodes kind of lost me.

As the story wrapped up and finally tied together the timelines, something felt like it was missing. Maybe the jumping through past and present exhausted itself. Maybe it’s because the Madison death wasn’t satisfying. Maybe it was because John was bleeding out for all three episodes when he was arguably the star of the season.

It really felt like a dip in overall quality from what was shaping up to be a stellar season. As soon as Alicia’s bullet passed through John’s chest, the show began to plummet.

Remember the climax of episode 6? Alicia, Strand, and Luci come face to face with the Vultures, both groups ready to settle their blood feud. June shows up at the very end. A very cool twist, by the way!

Then Alicia snaps. She shoots at her and a gun battle ensues — except the Vultures, who have the other group heavily outnumbered, get defeated in a clean sweep. There are no Vulture survivors (besides Charlie), and zero casualties for the opposition.

Were Mel and his group just horrible marksman or was it a convenient way to write them out of the show? They weren’t the greatest adversaries, but the Vultures deserved a better exit.

The June twist was good until we found out it was all just a misunderstanding. For some reason she doesn’t travel with the Vultures, she just shows up to their meetings on her own agenda. Why doesn’t she just run away from them like she does everyone else? I’m sure she wanted to after seeing how pathetic they were in a gunfight.

The Diamond settlers versus the Vultures conclusion was less than stellar. The first five episodes got my hopes up too high and it resulted in some disappointment.