Fear The Walking Dead season 4, episode 6 recap: ‘Just in Case’


Fear The Walking Dead continues down a brutal road as we see more death, drama, and downfall while learning about the past.

With each passing episode, the mystery behind this season’s Fear The Walking Dead narrative continues to be intriguing. We are still trying to fill in the gaps between the past and the present, and at times we almost feel like we’re watching an episode of Westworld making sense of the timelines and what has transpired in between.

John and Morgan are still looking for Laura, and run into a man at a gas station. Without hesitation, John shoots the guy’s finger off as he is demanding to know information about Laura/Naomi as well as about the Vultures. We catch up with Alicia, Strand, and Luciana this week as they are still on the road with Al.

When Alicia begins to get curious about Al’s van, Al shuts her down and says that all she wants in exchange for helping them is their story. They are heading to the meeting point where the Vultures are going to gather, so in the meantime, she just wants to continue interviewing them.

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Another flashback shows Laura/Naomi picking out shards of glass from Alicia’s arm, an injury she sustained while out looking for supplies. The food supply is low at the stadium, and even with Strand’s “surprise discovery”, rations have to be adjusted for the whole camp.

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Strand and Madison find a moment alone in which Strand asks her why she chose to save him after the damn exploded. Madison tells him that despite everything she believes he is a good man. Is he though, Madison, is he really?

This moment is broken up when they learn that Laura/Naomi is trying to escape again. This is a weird dynamic in Fear The Walking Dead as she promises not to leave and is told by Madison she can if she wants to–but yet everyone still gets mad. However, she wasn’t trying to escape, but merely making a run for supplies from a place she once lived in.

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Madison and Strand tag along with her as they head to an abandoned FEMA shelter. They learn that Laura/Naomi once had a daughter who died in this shelter after she ran out to find her antibiotics after she fell sick with pneumonia. But by the time Naomi returned, her daughter had died and turned and killed others in the shelter as well.

Luckily, all the supplies Naomi had once left behind are still there and it produces a beautiful moment between her, Madison, and Strand. After all, as selfish as their actions may be sometimes, it is all in the name of survival.

Back at the stadium, Nick manages to get rid of the Vultures after sharing with them that they have to replant crops and begin from scratch. Taking them down will take longer than Mel anticipated so he gathers his troops and leaves–but not without leaving Madison with a grave warning.

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In the present, Alicia and co. arrive at the meeting point for the Vultures while Al begins to record their encounter. But when a car drives in, we learn that it is Morgan and John. Despite Morgan warning the Vultures, the cavalry arrives anyway, and for a moment all hell is about to break loose.

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And then a shocking twist descends upon us! We learn that Naomi has joined the Vultures as she pulls up to the group. We are so curious what has happened between the past and the present and aren’t sure if Naomi was always a Vulture or if something else went down that led her to them.

Angered by this, Alicia means to shoot Naomi, but John gets in the way and is shot instead. This is, after all, the first time he has his Laura, the woman he has been pining for. This reunion is short-lived, unfortunately, and only time will tell if John survived the bullet wound.

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