Orange Is The New Black: New location and new opening credits for S6!


Orange Is The New Black is heading to a new location for season six–and getting new opening credits!

It’s been over a year since Orange Is The New Black streamed season five and fans have been eagerly waiting to see what the aftermath of the riot’s end was. Did the group make it out of there alive? And if so, what does their future look like?

Luckily, season six is just a little over a month away, and the wait is almost over. And thanks to Netflix, fans have been given something to help get through the remaining days until the season six premiere through the release of new pictures indicating we are going to a whole new place and saying goodbye to Litchfield. Take a look below!

After five seasons of Litchfield prison, we are bidding it farewell as the ladies head to a whole new prison. And it seems like life isn’t going to be as easy as it may have been in Litchfield, and things are about to get way more intense.

If you recall, the season five finale ended with some of our favorites hand-in-hand as officers came rushing in. So, it leaves us wondering if they’ll live to see another day (remember Poussey? R.I.P.).

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And there may not be just one new prison this season. The rest of the inmates were loaded onto buses, and we aren’t exactly sure if everyone will end up in the same prison, or split apart amongst many.

And with so many changes in the sixth season, we can expect that it will bring many new faces to the mix.

And to add to the above news, Orange Is The New Black is also getting a new opening credit sequence that can be seen below!

And while the new credits aren’t that different, we’ll leave it up to you to watch and re-watch to find the differences.

Orange Is The New Black premieres season six on Netflix on July 27th at 12:01 AM PST!