Goliath season 2, episode 2 recap: ‘Politics’


In the explosive first episode of Goliath’s second season,16-year-old Julio is arrested for double homicide and his father, Oscar, a friend of Billy McBride’s, is gunned down in the street.

While Billy hadn’t formally taken on Julio’s case at the end of this episode of Goliath, he was getting increasingly more involved. With Oscar now dead, exposing the corruption and nefarious motivations behind Julio’s arrest, it seems likely Billy will no longer be able to resist defending Julio.

As the second episode of the season begins, we’re told what we’re about to see happened 13 days ago. Three men, including Tom from the previous episode, are in an elevator at a hotel. To their surprise, they’re all going to the same place.

At the hotel room, another man played by David Cross in a straggly wig, answers the door. He lets Tom in, pays for a delivery from a second man, and takes a backpack from a third, who he lambasted for being late.

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The character played by Cross is later seen supervising people stashing wads of cash in the walls of a truck for T.G. Wyatt Enterprises.

At the company’s headquarters later, it becomes clear that the T in T.G. Wyatt stands for Tom. Tom meets with the Cross-character and Danny from the previous episode. They tell Tom that the man dropping off the backpack at the hotel needs to be neutralized. They’re worried he won’t keep quiet. Tom approves but he doesn’t want to hear details.

Later the guy with the backpack arrives home and is hanging out with his friend. Suddenly an unseen person shoots them both.

In the present, Billy visits Julio, who is devastated to find out about his dad’s death. Julio thinks it’s retaliation for the murders he’s been accused of and feels responsible.

Arriving back at his hotel, Billy welcomes Brittany back to the team. Brittany apologized for being a witness for the other side during the Borns Tech case and Billy has forgiven her. But Billy has to get one more person on board for the band to truly be back together.

He goes to visit Patty to ask for her help with the case. Patty wants nothing to do with the situation.

The next day, Patty goes to visit Billy at the bar. She’s reconsidered and is willing to help, on the condition that she has no contact with Brittany — Patty hasn’t forgiven her for what she did during their previous case. She also reserves the right to bail if things get too ugly.

Billy welcomes her back to the team. And then tells her the case is pro-bono.

At his hotel room, Denise dumps out all Billy’s liquor. She wants him to think about it before he takes another drink.

The next day, Patty arrives at the hotel. She speaks to Marva while ignoring Brittany and then leaves with the files she requests.

Later, she meets Billy at the courthouse. During Julio’s preliminary hearing, the prosecutor questions Julio’s alibi, especially since Oscar is unable to provide it himself so it’s coming second-hand from Marva. The judge sides with the prosecution and won’t admit Marva’s testimony,

The prosecutor has one more piece of evidence to share: footage from a security camera owned by a neighbor of the murder victims. It’s from just minutes after the murders happened and clearly shows Julio running from the scene with a handgun in his waistband.

After the hearing, Billy demands an explanation from Julio. Julio admits he was going to kill the men, but someone else got to them first. He says that when he heard the gunshots he ran, threw his gun into the ocean, and went home.

Julio describes the real gunman but his description isn’t very detailed. He just says the man was Hispanic and really short.

Billy goes to visit J.T. who he asks to try to find the man Julio described, even with minimal information.

At a park, the man Julio was likely describing walks with the detective who’s in cahoots with Tom and Danny. The detective wants to know where he put the gun he used for the murders. The man knows he tossed it in a dumpster but he can’t remember which one.

At her campaign headquarters, Marisol Silva confronts the media who have caught on to her connection to Julio. Marisol defends Julio to the press.

She then goes to visit Billy. She gives him a card from the kids at her community center for Julio. He invites her back to his hotel room. For some reason, she sleeps with him.

At the gym, Tom is abducted at gunpoint by a man with a metal hook for one arm. Tom is given a phone. Gabriel, who we haven’t met yet, is on the other end of the line. He’s angry.

He tells Tom to get things under control with Julio’s case. He wants the investigation over and he wants Marisol Silva to stop defending Julio. Tom promises he’ll fix it in the next two days in Goliath.

Meanwhile, the murderer is searching for the murder weapon in the dumpster where he thinks he dumped it. He’s not having any luck finding it, though, and the detective, who’s with him, is starting to get desperate.

At his hotel room, Billy has bought more liquor and is drinking again. The prosecutor in Julio’s case comes over. He wants to offer a plea bargain: voluntary manslaughter. Billy protests that Julio is innocent and won’t take the deal.

At the jail, Julio is escorted into a room and presented with a cello. He’s told it’s a gift from Marisol Silva. He starts to play.

At Marisol’s headquarters, Tom and Danny are lambasting Marisol for failing to distance herself from Julio. They spell out the issue: they are responsible for the murder of Julio is accused of. Marisol is shocked.

She passed along a tip about DEA raids to them but that’s all she did to help them. She doesn’t understand how that led to murder. Danny explains that Julio being arrested for the murder is good for all of them. After all, she introduced Tom to the drug cartel, La Mano, and Gabriel.

Tom tries to level with Marisol. He tells her that If Julio goes to jail, they’re in the clear, but if Julio is exonerated, they all go down. Marisol is devastated.

She goes to see Billy. Billy realizes she’s upset, but she just chalks it up to politics.

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The conspiracy around this case is larger and more complicated than we originally realized. We’ll find out more about how deep this thing goes in the next episode of Goliath. In the meantime, you can take a look at our episode one recap.

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