Goliath season 2, episode 3 recap: ‘Fresh Flowers’


In the previous episode of the Prime original Goliath, we learned the conspiracy around the murders Billy’s new client, Julio, has been accused of goes even deeper than we imagined.

In the second season’s third episode of Goliath, we begin with a flashback from 3 weeks ago. Julio is on the steps of his house talking about the future with his girlfriend. Suddenly shots ring out. His father, Oscar, runs out of the house and Julio follows.

Oscar finds his older sons, Pedro and Martin, dead on the sidewalk. Julio finds a gun on Pedro’s body and puts it in his waistband.

In the present, Billy is woken up by JT who thinks he’s found the real killer based on Julio’s description. A man named Tito Garcia.

Billy meets with the judge, Martha Wallace, and prosecutor, Hakeem Rashad, and tells them about Tito Garcia. Billy wants to take Garcia’s testimony before the trial begins. The prosecutor pushes back hard, but Patty explains they think Garcia’s a flight risk. He’s an illegal alien and could just go back to Mexico.

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Prosecutor Rashad points out that Billy’s provided no proof that Garcia is the real killer. The judge backs him up. So Billy reveals that JT is the source of his information. Rashad scoffs that JT had a nervous breakdown and is no longer reliable.

Judge Wallace asks to speak to Billy alone. She asks about JT and they reminisce about what a good lawyer he was before the system broke him.

When Billy and Judge Wallace emerge from her chambers, the judge informs Rashad that she’s decided to grant Billy’s request. The prosecutor isn’t happy and stalks out of the room.

In another part of town, Marisol Silva is visiting a school. She notices Tom waiting for her. He’s been calling her incessantly but Marisol isn’t talking to him. He asks to have a conversation, but she tells him to make an appointment with her assistant. Tom refuses and takes off.

Billy and Patty go to visit the detective who’s in league with Tom and Danny at the police station, Keith Roman. Billy asks him to bring in Tito Garcia but Roman makes excuses and tells Billy to complete the necessary paperwork before walking away.

So, Billy decides he’ll go over to Garcia’s last known address himself. No one answers the door so Billy waits in his car.

Meanwhile, Patty finds Detective Roman at his kid’s soccer game. He’s watching with his wife and Danny. Patty again asks him for help finding Garcia. Roman becomes belligerent. He grabs her and threatens her. Patty runs away.

Danny wants to know what happened. Roman accuses Danny of telling someone about Tito Garcia, but Danny swears he didn’t say anything to anyone.

The night’s fallen, and Billy’s still waiting for Garcia when he sees a man approaching his car. He walks towards the man and asks if he’s Garcia. Three ICE vehicles with lights and sirens blaring speed up to them. The agents surround and cuff a struggling Garcia.

Detective Roman watches from a distance. On the phone, he tells Danny that Garcia’s taken care of. Then he tells Danny the whole thing better be over soon. Danny assures him they only have one last thing to do.

Billy and Patty meet an FBI agent, Agent Clayton, at the bar. They’re trying to get to Garcia but ICE isn’t being helpful. They’re claiming that Garcia’s already been deported. But Agent Clayton agrees that makes no sense if Garcia was only picked up a few hours before.  Clayton agrees to try to track Garcia down.

Tom is waiting for Marisol in her office at her campaign headquarters. She tries to tell him she has other obligations. He warns her she doesn’t want to him as an enemy.

Tom tells Marisol she has to let go of Julio. She starts to threaten him about what she’ll do if anything happens to Julio but Tom cuts her off. She goes quiet. Then her phone rings. She answers it even though Tom tells her not to and leaves her office.

Marisol goes to meet Billy, who tells her he thinks there’s something else going on behind Julio’s case. Tom approaches their table. Marisol introduces Tom to Billy as one of her most generous donors.

Later at the hotel, Marisol sneaks out of bed and snoops around Billy’s office.

Later, there’s incessant banging on Billy’s hotel door. A loud woman gives him a pencil-written “restraining order.” Billy tries to explain, but Marisol understands. She’s had her share of mistakes too.

In Mexico,  Tito Garcia is walking down the street when the police corner him, tie him up, and throw him in their truck.

Agent Clayton calls to tell Billy the good news. Billy tells Marisol what’s going on. She says she has an early meeting and kisses Billy as she opens the door.

Denise is on the other side and Billy introduces them. Denise is a big fan of Marisol. For once, Denise is impressed with Billy.

Marisol goes to see Tom and Danny at a construction site. She informs them that Billy is bringing Garcia back from Mexico. Danny says he’ll take care of it.

But Marisol counters that they’re going to do things her way now. She reminds them that unless she becomes mayor all their construction projects will go away. She’ll do whatever she needs to keep Billy away from them too.

She also vows she’ll keep Julio out of prison. Tom doesn’t see how she can do both.

When she leaves, Tom tells Danny to handle the Garcia situation. So, Danny calls a man and tells him he thought Gabriel would want to handle Garcia.

At Julio’s house, Billy, Patty, Detective Roman, and Prosecutor Rashad are looking in the yard. The police found the murder weapon after another search of the property. The new search happened because of an anonymous tip. Rashad is sure the gun will prove to be the murder weapon.

Agent Clayton calls to tell Billy the FBI lost Garcia. He promises they’ll keep trying.

At lunch, Patty tells Billy they have to present Julio with the plea deal Rashad offered in the last episode. Billy refuses to do it.

Patty goes to Julio and presents the plea deal anyway. She advises Julio to take it if he committed the crime. Julio again claims he isn’t guilty. So Patty asks him why they found the murder weapon at his house. She points out it was the gun from the video of him outside the scene of the crime.

In response, Julio admits something else: The gun the police found at his house can’t be the gun he had in the video because his girlfriend has the gun he had in the video.

Brittany is confessing how hard things have been to the members of her 12-step program. When she sits down, a man thanks her. It’s Tom.

Later, Tom pulls into an abandoned parking lot. A man calls to say Garcia is on his way to Gabriel.  Tom lets himself into a screening room. He pulls up a video of a kitchen. Then he appears to command the women on the other end of the screen.

As the episode comes to a close, Garcia is dragged into a makeshift operating room where a surgeon prepares to work on him.

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This episode was chockfull of disturbing revelations. It seems like everyone’s hiding something. Even Patty’s hiding something from Billy now that she’s gone to Julio with the plea deal. And we thought Donald Cooperman and Borns Tech were bad!

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