Goliath season 2, episode 6 recap: ‘Two Cinderellas’


When we last left Billy in the previous episode, he was approaching Gabriel’s house in Mexico, believing he’s about to spend a nice weekend away with Marisol in Goliath.

The sixth episode of Goliath‘s second season begins with yet another flashback, this one from fourteen years ago. Billy, who still worked for Cooperman McBride at that point, walks into someone’s office at the firm.

It’s JT. Billy apologizes to him. JT looks bereft. They talk vaguely about what’s going on. Whatever it is, it involved Judge Wallace, but JT makes it clear he doesn’t blame her.

A couple of hours later, JT sits in a room witnessing an execution. He is surrounded by the weeping family of the man who’s about to die.

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In his last words, the man thanks JT for trying and says he’s the only one who believed him. JT sobs as the execution proceeds. From the back row, Judge Wallace watches stone-faced.

In the early morning, JT walks out of the prison. He drops his briefcase, takes his suit off piece by piece, and runs into the California brush.

Back in the present day, Gabriel escorts Marisol and Billy into his house. There’s a party going on in his backyard. It’s a quinceañera for Gabriel’s two god-daughters.

As Billy and Marisol dance later they talk about Marisol’s childhood in Mexico. She confides that she never had a quinceañera because she left for the US at 15. She thinks it’s a ridiculous tradition though, so she’s glad she didn’t have one. Gabriel watches the couple kiss from the edge of the dance floor.

Billy wants to check on Denise but his cell phone doesn’t work. Marisol directs him to a satellite phone and Billy excuses himself.

When Billy reaches Denise he gives her the number for the satellite phone in case there’s an emergency.

While Billy is gone, Marisol goes to talk to Gabriel. She wants to know why Gabriel made her bring him there. Gabriel explains they need to keep him away from Julio over the weekend, and he wanted to meet Billy anyway.

Marisol tells Gabriel that she’s made her peace with Julio. But she cares about Billy and wants Gabriel’s word that he’ll treat Billy well. Gabriel comments that he doesn’t like how she’s flaunting Billy in front of him.

She says she needs Billy and implies she’s in love with him. Gabriel tells her she’s a fool. If Billy knew what she was involved with he’d want nothing to do with her.

Marisol tells him to be nice or she won’t give him her city. Gabriel gets angry, grabs her around the neck, tells her she’s forgotten who he is and calls her Claudia. Marisol tells him not to call her that and Gabriel softens his grip. She turns and walks away.

At their hotel, Roman and his family play card games to occupy the time. Roman gets a call. It’s Danny. He lies to Roman and tells him he thinks Tom is the one flipping on them. Roman agrees with the lie.

Danny wants to meet to make a plan to do something about the situation. Roman tells him he’ll text Danny an address.

Tom is in the car with Danny and hears the whole exchange. After Danny hangs up, they both freak out. Tom tells Danny he needs to take care of it and exits the car.

Later, Roman meets Danny in a remote area. He tells Danny he knows Danny knows and they should just get it over with. He chose such a remote spot so Danny could get away with killing him.

Danny asks why Roman flipped on them. Roman blames Danny for putting him in an impossible position. But Danny counters that Roman can make his own choices and pulls a gun on him.

Roman wants to know why Tom sent Danny. Danny claims he volunteered but Roman doesn’t believe him. He thinks Danny’s too weak to do the job.

But Roman says he wants him to. That way his wife will never find out about what they did and he doesn’t have to turn on his best friend. Roman asks Danny to just make sure his wife and kids are okay after he’s gone.

He waits for Danny to shoot him but Danny can’t do it. So, Roman walks to his car and drives away in Goliath.

In Mexico, Billy finds Marisol in her old bedroom. He finds a book on her bed. It’s a picture book of the story told at the beginning of the previous episode. Marisol says it was drawn by her brother.

Billy comments that it seems awfully dark for a kid. Marisol tells him about the murder of her parents when she was little and how Gabriel’s family adopted her.

Gabriel finds them and comments that when she left for America, Marisol left the book he made for her. Marisol protests that she forgot it but he counters that she’s forgotten who she is.

Roman arrives back at his hotel to find his family seemingly asleep. The man with the hook for a hand sneaks up on him from behind and murders him. The man calls someone and says he’s taken care of the whole family.

In Mexico, Billy and Marisol explore the town. Billy leaves Marisol in a church to pray. When she finishes, she says hello to the nun. But the nun yells at her and slaps her. Marisol beats a hasty retreat.

In L.A., JT goes to a jail to see a prisoner. The man overheard information about something happening with a kid. He’s willing to talk if he can get a deal.

When Billy and Marisol arrive back at Gabriel’s, Marisol is pulled away to take a call about her campaign. Gabriel approaches Billy. He wants to know if Marisol told Billy what he does, but Marisol hasn’t told Billy anything.

Gabriel shows Billy around the property. Billy asks him what happened to Marisol’s parents. Gabriel explains that Marisol’s parents owed money to the cartel but they couldn’t afford it, so they paid with their lives. Billy wants to know which cartel, but Gabriel says they’re no longer around.

He introduces Billy to one of his employees. The man has no hand and Gabriel examines the site of his amputation. Gabriel tells Billy he’s also a surgeon and offers to show him his operating room. Billy (wisely) says things like that creep him out and he’d better get back to Marisol.

At Roman’s hotel, the coroner removes the bodies of the family. Patty runs up to Prosecutor Rashad and asks what happened. Rashad doesn’t know but the whole family plus the cop who was supposed to be protecting them are dead.

Patty wants to know what it means for Julio. Rashad won’t promise anything in Goliath but he says he’s going to recommend the charges be dropped.

Patty can’t reach Billy so he calls Denise who gives Patty Billy’s number in Mexico. When Patty arrives home, JT is waiting for her. He’s also looking for Billy. He tells her he thinks Julio’s in trouble.

Patty calls Gabriel’s house repeatedly but Billy isn’t given any of the messages. So, Patty calls Rashad as she races to the jail. Rashad tries to get Judge Wallace on the phone.

At the jail, Julio is brought into a room to play his cello.  As he plays, the guard watching him closes and locks the door. The guard forces him to write a confession on the chalkboard.

In Mexico, Billy asks Marisol why she brought him there since she seems so uncomfortable. Gabriel listens at the door as they have sex.

At the jail, Patty finds Julio dead next to his forced confession in what looks like a suicide.

When Billy’s asleep, Marisol goes to see Gabriel. He wants to know what she’ll do when Billy finds out she’s lying. He says she knows what needs to be done.

Marisol doesn’t want anything to happen to Billy. As Marisol cries, Gabriel tells her they can hire outside people to get it done.

The next morning on Goliath, JT goes to see Judge Wallace at breakfast. JT’s worried about Billy blaming himself. He observes there should be an investigation into Julio’s death. But Wallace says Julio wrote a confession so the case is closed for her.

In Mexico, Marisol and Gabriel pray together. Then, she goes for a walk with Billy and tells him last night she dreamed they were married. They’re interrupted by a man who tells Billy there’s an urgent phone call from Patty.

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When Billy gets off the phone he looks both determined and upset. He walks into the fields of the house as Marisol watches him.

This was a sad conclusion to a sordid case for both Julio and the Roman family. And it looks like Goliath isn’t done ratcheting up the tension yet. We’ll see what happens to Billy on the next episode, which we’ll have a recap for shortly.

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