Goliath season 2, episode 7 recap: ‘Diablo Verde’


In the sixth episode of Goliath‘s second season both witness-in-waiting Roman and his family and the 16-year-old he helped frame for murder, Julio, were killed.

Meanwhile, Billy is still in Mexico and has just learned what happened to Julio as Marisol and Gabriel plot against him in Goliath.

As the penultimate episode of the season begins, we’re in a house with two men playing poker while a man and woman are hanging out on the couch.

The picture fades out and fades in on a sleeping Billy. He’s woken up by a woman who informs him that “they” won’t let him take her to Applebee’s. Billy has no idea what she’s talking about. He gets up.

Billy exits the bedroom and walks into the house to find the poker-playing men and the man and woman who were on the couch. Billy asks what happened and who they are. They won’t give him any answers except to tell him he should be nice because he’s going to be there awhile.

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Billy opens the front and back doors but men with guns are waiting there. He’s told he should just settle in or they’ll tie him up.

Billy returns to the bedroom. He asks the woman, Janet, how they got there. All she remembers is they were at a bar. Billy was really drunk and asked her for a ride to the border. Then she woke up next to him at the house.

When Janet asked the four individuals what was going on, one of them, Willie, would just say they’re waiting for the word.

Everyone hangs out in the house as they wait for… something. Billy finally comes out of the bedroom and tries again to get information about what’s going on. The man who seems to be the leader gets angry and tells Billy to stop asking questions.

Billy backs off. He makes small talk with another man, Mickey. Billy asks where he was before he came to the house but Mickey dodges the question.

Mickey knows Billy’s a lawyer so he asks about copyrighting. The leader cuts off the conversation and Billy retreats to the bedroom.

That night, Billy exits the bedroom again. He tries to talk to the leader but the man is as uninviting as ever.

Billy stealthily takes a knife from the kitchen as he complements the woman who had been hanging out on the couch. He comments that she looks a bit like his buddy Gabriel’s sister. She doesn’t seem to recognize the name. The leader breaks up the conversation and Billy returns to the bedroom.

The next morning, Janet wakes Billy up. She tells him she overheard them saying that things have changed and they’re supposed to finish the deal. They’re busy packing up and carrying boxes out of the house. They said when it gets dark something will happen but Janet didn’t hear what.

Billy has a plan: He and Janet will both go into the other room. Janet will seduce Willie — who”s been hitting on her the whole time they’ve been there — and take him back to the bedroom. Once she gets him relaxed Janet will stab Willie with the knife Billy’s stashed in the mattress. Then Janet will run to the back door screaming and Billy will meet her there. Janet tearfully agrees to the scenario.

In the living room, Billy gives Janet the signal to bring Willie into the bedroom where they’ve been staying. When Willie tries to drag her into a different bedroom, Janet insists on going to the other one. But Willie starts to physically drag Janet to his bedroom, so Billy steps in.

He picks a fight with Janet and brings her back to their bedroom. He stashes the knife under her dress and lets Willie take her to his bedroom.

In the kitchen, the woman boils water for tea as Billy watches the leader and Mickey load guns and stash them in bags.

Then Willie screams from his bedroom. Billy throws the boiling water at the woman’s face and hits the leader over the head with the empty pot. As Janet runs out of the bedroom covered in blood and holding the knife, Mickey goes into the room to see what happened, and Billy takes one of the guns.

Billy and Janet run out the back door and Billy shoots the guard blocking their path. Billy and Janet run away through a residential neighborhood full of ramshackle houses. A truck with a gunman and then a drone follow them as they try to get away from their captors.

They make it to town where there’s a parade going on. They walk through the middle of the parade. Billy leaves Janet with some men who are willing to help her. As he walks away, he asks passersby where the border is.

He goes into a restaurant but Mickey and the leader find him there. He runs out the back door and they follow him. Billy and the two men shoot at each other from opposite sides of train tracks and Billy goes down. Mickey and the leader take off.

We flashback to 24 hours ago. In Los Angeles, Patty is in bed with Agent Clayton. Clayton promises he’ll look into Julio’s death.

As Clayton showers, Patty gets dressed. She notices a package and opens it. She takes what looks like a cell phone from it and leaves.

Outside Marisol’s campaign headquarters, reporters mob her for a comment as Denise watches from the front desk. Marisol extracts herself and approaches Denise. She wants to know if Billy made it home safely. Denise says she was going to ask her the same thing.

Marisol explains that when Billy heard about Julio he started drinking and disappeared. Denise looks worried. Marisol reassures her that Billy’s probably fine but asks Denise to let her know if she hears from him.

Elena is waiting in Marisol’s office. Elena tells her she knows Marisol is a fraud. She spoke to Marisol’s elementary school teacher and learned she used to go by the name of Claudia Quintero. Marisol feigns ignorance. Elena found that Claudia Quintero doesn’t exist on any public record.

Marisol asks Elena if she wants money, but that’s not what Elena’s after. She believed in Marisol and it was all a lie. Marisol doesn’t really care about the community. Marisol kicks her out.

Denise calls the bar to see if Billy’s been there while Patty goes to the office to see if Marva’s heard from him, but no one has.

Patty gives Marva the phone she took from the box at Clayton’s house. It’s Roman’s burner phone. She wants Marva to go through all the incoming and outgoing numbers until she reaches someone.

Brittany and Tom are hanging out in the bunk beds in the replica of his childhood home. She feels terrible about Julio killing himself but it’s Tom who cries. Brittany joins him on the top bunk and comforts him.

In a parking garage, Elena is attacked by the man with the hook. He breaks her nose and tells her to leave town.

Danny runs to his vehicle. He stashes a gun in a duffel which also contains his passport and wallet. He checks his cash and mutters that he doesn’t have enough. At the gym, he grabs the bag of money from the locker where the character played by David Cross put it in an earlier episode.

As he moves to leave, the Cross-character stops him. Tom sent him. They know he’s trying to make a run for it. He hits the Cross-character with the bag and turns to run but the man with the hook is there behind him.

He slashes off Danny’s ear. Danny runs to the roof and the man with the hook follows. With nowhere else to go, Danny jumps to his death.

The next day detectives are picking apart Danny’s car when Marva calls Danny’s cell phone. One of the detectives picks up.

Patty goes to talk to the gym employees about Danny. One points her in the direction of the bench outside, which contains an ad for the Cross-character in Goliath.

As she’s looking him up on the web, her phone rings. The person on the other end of the line tells her something startling. In the next scene, she and Denise wait in a gas station parking lot at night. An SUV pulls up and a man gets out. Patty hands him an envelope which she says JT instructed her to give him.

The man opens the trunk. Billy is crammed inside. He gets out and Denise runs to him. He reassures her he’s okay, and then says they need to go somewhere.

As the episode ends, they pile into Patty’s car and speed off.

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This episode of Goliath was a long, confusing odyssey, but at least we know Billy made it safely back to the US. Only one more episode until the battle between Billy and his team and this season’s increasingly monolithic-seeming Goliath comes to an end. The recap for Goliath‘s season finale will be posted to ShowSnob soon.

While you’re waiting for that, you can stream the series on Amazon Prime.