The Expanse’s Cas Anvar talks about season 4 and finale


The Expanse’s Cas Anvar talked about what to expect for the season 3 finale after an intense penultimate episode.

Anvar, who plays pilot Alex Kamal, revealed very little in his comments but expounded a lot about how awesome the Expanse finale going to be.

“All I can say is maybe you might want to wear some sort of motorcycle helmet or else you might have your mind blown,” Kamal told Cinema Blend. “Something just to keep your head together because it’s going to be insane.”

It seems Anvar has mastered the art of vague hype because I still know absolutely nothing about what to expect — and yet I am excited.

As for what to expect for the miraculous Expanse season 4, picked up by Amazon after an ardent fan campaign after SyFy canceled the popular series, Anvar is a little less vague but gives mostly details about the artistic direction the series will take rather than actual plot details.

“Season 3 is the end of a movement in a symphonic science fiction orchestra…and then Season 4 is the beginning of the second movement of this space opera,” Kamal said

I am loving the direction his metaphor is taking. Anvar also promises that we can look forward to the characters and plot taking a completely new direction in season four.

Knowing what we can look forward to in the finale, Anvar says that audiences would likely have been frustrated if season four had not been picked up. “…it’s such a mind-blowing ending that it’s really not an ending. It’s a huge beginning, and I think people would have been just salivating and frustrated.”

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The Expanse season 3 finale will answer a lot about what the protomolecule was meant to do and what it was made for, but it apparently opens up a lot more questions and possibilities that can now be explored in season four.

“What’s next?” says Anvar. “And thank the gods that we get to tell you what’s next.”