Impulse: Top moments from the final two episodes

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In episodes nine and ten, Impulse unites many of its characters in both nail-biting and heartwarming ways. Here’s a look at major moments for seven characters. CW: Sexual Assault


First off, I would like to give Henry (Maddie Hasson) belated props for her actions at the end of episode eight of Impulse. After being in a coma for several hours and going on quite an intense journey inside her mind, she rushes Nikolai (Callum Keith Rennie), while still in her hospital gown no less, to save Jenna (Sarah Desjardins).

Henry and Jenna becoming instinctively protective of one another has been one of my favorite developments on the show.

Turning to episode nine, my favorite Henry moment is when she tries to explain her emotional repression to Jenna. Jenna doesn’t think holding everything in is good for Henry, which is true, but she doesn’t realize that it’s more than a coping mechanism to Henry.

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Jenna questions whether such repression is really “strength” until Henry explains in frustration that she wasn’t just being strong for herself, she was being strong for her mom. Keeping Cleo (Missi Pyle) in the dark has been the only thing keeping her happy.

Viewers, of course, had understood the sacrifice Henry was making for a while, but Jenna is the first person Henry actually opens up to about it. The look on Jenna’s face is heartbreaking when she realizes how much Henry had sacrificed to keep up the wall that she had just torn down at the hospital without Henry’s permission.

My favorite Henry scene in episode ten is the one in the bowling alley. It’s certainly not as intense as most of her other scenes, but that’s why I appreciate it so much. Seeing the happy, silly side of Henry that has been buried for so much of the season is quite affecting. She is able to just be a kid, if only temporarily.

Furthermore, the scene confirms Henry’s feeling that she and Cleo should stay in Reston. She doesn’t want to be around Clay (Tanner Stine), who she doesn’t know is moving away, but she doesn’t want to stop being around Jenna, Townes (Daniel Maslany) and Thomas (Matt Gordon) more. She won’t let Clay take them away from her.