GLOW Season 2 is ‘bold’ and ‘emotional’ according to stars Alison Brie and Marc Maron: Watch the video


Alison Brie and Marc Maron sit down with Young Hollywood to talk about GLOW’s second season, their auditions, and playing characters in the ‘80s.

Netflix’s hit comedy, GLOW, is coming back for round two tomorrow! Young Hollywood interviewed the stars of the show, Alison Brie, and Marc Maron, to get their thoughts about what’s to come.

Watch the full interview with Young Hollywood’s Mary-Kate Gaffney.

Brie, who plays struggling actress Ruth Wilder, offered some great insight into what it’s like playing a character set in the 1980s.

"“It’s interesting to do a show in the ‘80s and see how relevant all those issues still are today.”"

Those issues allude to the fact that this season will tackle stereotypical racism, sexism, and sexual harassment. And even though GLOW takes place 30 years ago, these storylines will make it current with its #MeToo message.

Brie and Maron also talk about their auditions. While producers required Brie to wrestle in her audition, Maron’s was slightly less physically active.

"“I went and borrowed some aviator glasses from this glasses place down the street, and I put on a Lacoste shirt, and I just did the scene on the iPhone, and they cast me off of that.”"

So, it just goes to show; you don’t need an elaborate set-up to get a part, sometimes you just need an iPhone a store willing to let you borrow their merchandise.

Brie also talks about how she relates to Ruth as an actress in the biz.

"“The feeling of being underestimated and capable of doing so much more but not really getting the opportunities to show that off – I’m sure a lot of young actresses feel that way.”"

I agree, and that’s why I love this show so much. Ruth is someone who perseveres and creates her own opportunities when they are scarce. She gets dumped on a lot, some of her own doing, but she keeps going. And that’s why GLOW works.

Another thing I learned is that their wrestling coach plays, “Eye of the Tiger” before they perform. As a Philly girl and Rocky fan, I just love that!

Brie and Maron ended the interview with one word that they think describes the second season of GLOW. Brie said it’s “bold,” while Maron said, “emotional.”

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In my opinion, the best comedies make you cry and laugh at the same time. I can’t wait to watch the next season of GLOW! What do you think we can expect?