Vice season 6 episode 11 Separated by Birth recap


On the latest episode of Vice, the show spent the duration of its time exploring the situation of illegal immigration, with a specific look at separating children from their parents.

A Vice journalist was even permitted to go along with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on a raid. From the raid shown, the procedure is a lot like normal arrest warrants being served.

Previously the focus was on deporting illegal immigrants with a violent criminal history. But the focus has been expanded to look at anyone, regardless of their criminal record. One particular aspect has gotten massive attention in recent weeks; what do we do about the children who may be separated from their families?

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If a child is born onto American soil, then by law it receives U.S. citizenship. Now, this isn’t usually a problem. But if the child of undocumented or illegal immigrants is born onto U.S. soil, then the child is legally an American citizen, while their parent or parents are not. Now, the dilemma that arises is that if the parent or parents are caught and deported, what is the solution for the child?

Add in the fact you are dealing with the children of what has been estimated to be about 11 million people, what you have is a massive amount of children left here without parents and a huge dilemma. Faced with this threat, it has led to some rather unorthodox solutions. Some illegal immigrants have already made arrangements for who will have custody of their children should they be deported; often times this is an acquaintance of theirs or some activist.

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This isn’t an easy issue with a quick fix. But looking at this situation, one this is certain. The issue isn’t going away anytime soon.

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