Homecoming: Julia Roberts’ new Amazon series releases first look


Homecoming, the upcoming Amazon series, has released its first set of pictures–giving us a first look at what’s to come!

Homecoming will soon grace our screens when it begins streaming on Amazon later this fall. There is a lot to look forward to when this series premieres including the fabulous Julia Roberts–like seriously, how exciting is that!?

Amazon released the first look through a series of pictures giving us insight into what we can expect when the series airs. One picture shows Julia Roberts’ character only, while the other shows her sitting across a young man. What does it mean? Time will tell.

Homecoming is a psychological thriller that stars Julia Roberts and is directed by Sam Esmail of Mr. Robot. The series was a given a straight-to-series two-season order by Amazon (that’s how much they believe in it!) about a year ago.

Credit: Amazon Studios

Roberts’ character, Heidi Bergman, works at the Homecoming Transitional Support Center as a caseworker that helps soldiers get back to normal civilian life. Walter Cruz, played by Stephan James, is one of the soldiers that Heidi will presumably work with.

After four years, Heidi will be living a different life and will no longer be working at Homecoming and live with her mother, played by Sissy Spacek. One day, Heidi is approached by a Department of Defense auditor inquiring about why she left the facility, and from there begins a story I’m sure we all will be sucked into.

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Along with Roberts, Spacek, and James, Jeremy Allen White, Dermot Mulroney, Sydney Poitier, amongst others will co-star in the series.

Homecoming is created by Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg and based on a fictional podcast. While no premiere date has yet been announced, it is slated for a fall release.

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