Goliath season 2, episode 8 recap: ‘Tongue Tied’


We’ve reached the second season finale of Amazon Prime’s Goliath!

Billy is back home, having dodged disaster in Mexico in the previous episode. And that means only one thing — he and Gabriel are about to have their final showdown in Goliath.

As the finale starts, Billy reminisces about his time with Marisol. He’s waiting alone by his car in front of the Griffith Park Observatory.

The scene cuts to Billy, Patty, and Denise pulling up to a hotel. Billy goes in while Denise and Patty stay with the car. Billy enters a ballroom. Marisol and her supporters are celebrating her win in the mayoral election. Marisol is on stage speaking. Next to her is the leader of the group that held Billy captive in Mexico.

The character played by David Cross, Pete (woo hoo, he finally has a name!), is leaving a voicemail for Tom. He’s nervous because he can’t reach Tom or Gabriel.

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He’s approached by Billy and Patty. They demand he talk to them about Julio’s case and the conspiracy behind it. Pete says all he did was drop off money for Detective Roman in a locker. Billy starts smashing Pete’s car windows. Pete agrees to tell them everything in exchange for immunity.

In the next scene, Pete’s taken away by the police as Prosecutor Rashad, Billy, and Patty watch from a distance. Rashad observes that Pete’s testimony will give them Tom and shed light on his involvement with Gabriel’s cartel.

Then, Rashad asks if the name Claudia Quintero means anything to Billy. Apparently, she’s a signatory on the cartel’s shell corporations. Rashad promises to look into her.

Billy asks about Julio but Rashad says it’ll be challenging to connect Tom to Julio’s death. Billy tells Rashad he’ll talk to Tom and make the connection. Rashad mentions that they’ll pick Tom up soon but if anything happens to him until then, Rashad knows nothing about it.

Patty, realizing that Brittany’s probably with Tom, tries to call her. Tom is in the process of tying her up in the kitchen of his replica childhood home. Tom picks up Brittany’s phone and holds it to her ear. Brittany doesn’t react as Patty tells her about Tom.

She claims Patty needs her to pick someone up at the airport. Tom doesn’t want to let her go but Brittany insists.

Tom drives with Brittany, who’s clearly nervous. He tells her she hurt his feelings. Tom knows she was trying to get away from him, but only suspects she has an issue is with his amputee fetish. He kicks her out of his car.

Meanwhile, Denise watches Marisol’s mayoral acceptance speech and drinks. Having learned who her idol really is, she’s heartbroken. She drives drunkenly to Marisol’s campaign headquarters and screams at the building. She gets picked up by the police and Billy comes to get her.

Brittany makes it to Billy’s hotel and gets into her car. Patty knocks on the window. She wants to check and see that Brittany’s okay.

As Brittany pulls away, Patty goes to her car. She’s approached by Agent Clayton. He wants Roman’s burner phone back. He can’t believe she took advantage of him to get that piece of evidence. Clayton says he could have her arrested but Patty knows he won’t. He walks off. Poor Clayton!

Billy and Brittany talk at his hotel the next day. She’s bummed about Tom. She really liked him.

Later, Tom is surprised to find Billy waiting for him in the kitchen of his replica childhood home. He assumes Billy’s there to talk about Brittany. Instead, Billy tells him about the confession Pete made about Tom’s criminal activities.

Tom tells Billy that Pete’s testimony won’t hold up in court and tries to get Billy to leave. Before he does, Billy brings up Julio. Tom implies that Marisol gave the order to kill Julio and tells Billy to talk to her.

Billy counters with information Tom isn’t aware of: Marisol is Gabriel’s sister. Billy leaves as Tom realizes how badly Marisol and Gabriel played him. He calls Marisol but gets her voice mail. He leaves an angry message threatening her.

Billy and Patty drive to Sacramento where Elena has relocated. They confront Elena but she says she can’t help them. Billy and Patty offer her protection but she doesn’t want anything to do with the situation anymore.

As they part she gives them one important piece of information. Marisol’s real name is Claudia Quintero. Elena knows because she talked to Marisol’s elementary school teacher. Billy realizes that the teacher Elena is talking about is the nun he and Marisol saw when they visited her hometown in Mexico.

Billy and Patty go to that church. A young nun there tells them the teacher has disappeared and the church records were destroyed.

Billy and Patty go to visit Gabriel’s house but the man who answers the door denies that anyone by that name lives there. They go into the fields and confront one of the workers Gabriel introduced Billy to in episode six. The man denies any knowledge of Gabriel.

Billy calls Elena who tells him not to call her again. When she hangs up, she takes a piece of paper out of her bag. It’s a photo of Marisol’s elementary school class with her listed by her real name. Elena burns it.

The next morning on Goliath, Tom is arrested at his office. Later, Rashad and several police officers arrive there to bring him in. But his assistant informs Rashad that they already arrested him.

In Mexico, Gabriel is telling the same story about his family history he told Tom in episode four. He brings his new partner into his operating room. Tom is on the operating table. He’s drugged and happy. He thanks Gabriel for saving him.

Then Gabriel pulls the sheet off Tom. He’s amputated all of Tom’s appendages. Gabriel’s new partner faints. Tom notices both his legs and arms are gone. He laughs hysterically.

Gabriel tells him he’s going to amputate his tongue too. Tom tries to talk him out of it but Gabriel proceeds with the surgery.

That night we’re back at the Griffith Park Observatory with Billy. An SUV pulls up and Marisol, now the mayor of Los Angeles, gets out with her bodyguards.

She walks up to Billy who tells her he wants to show her something. Marisol waves her guards off as Billy takes her to an overlook where they can see the city’s lights.

Billy congratulates her on winning. He says he wants her to be successful as the mayor. She claims she never loved him.

Billy tells Marisol that when she goes to sleep at night he hopes she sees Julio dead after being hanged. Marisol thanks him for the wishes and walks away.

Billy drives through town. He and Denise walk to the beach and watch the tide as the season comes to a close.

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What a downer! Marisol and Gabriel got everything they wanted while everyone else in their orbit suffered and/or died. And ultimately there was nothing Billy could do about it. It was a tense season, and in the end, David didn’t manage to slay Goliath.

You can catch both seasons of Goliath on Amazon Prime.