Luke Cage season 2 binge watch review

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5. Luke Cage S2 E5 – “All Souled Out”

“All Souled Out” is easily one of the best episodes of the second season. Luke doesn’t come across as inherently unlikable, maybe because he actually has a good reason to lose his cool. Meanwhile, Misty has her new arm from Rand and the story possibilities are endless. Basically, this hour is crafted to see how far down the rabbit hole our villains can go before they realize they’ve made a wrong turn. Meanwhile, Mariah is reminded of how her wealth and status was achieved.

After beating Cockroach to near death, he’s now suing Luke for damages done. The whole arc allows Foggy to make an appearance, and honestly, it makes me excited for Daredevil season 3. He’s only asking for one hundred thousand dollars, a relatively low amount in the scheme of things. But Luke can’t afford rent, much less to pay out damages to criminals he beats up.

Unfortunately, he finally has to sell out to Piranha, the investor who Mariah has funneling her money. At first, he’s played with a bit of light-hearted comedy but things definitely go south. Luke’s contract ultimately allows Piranha to “own” him for the night. First, this starts with selfies and costumes, but the party quickly grows aggressive. Piranha encourages his guests to assault Luke to see how invulnerable he is. However, things get even worse when he feels like shooting Harlem’s hero just for kicks.

Misty is in the same boat in episode five. She’s frustrated Scarfe’s decisions have let Cockroach back out onto the street. Feeling responsible for Luke’s predicament, she makes it her mission to somehow get him back in jail. Unfortunately, this ends up with her attempting to plant evidence at his place before realizing her actions. Yes, Cockroach is a terrible person, but stooping to his level and becoming a dirty cop will only hurt her reputation.

Mariah is such a good villain that it’s hard to hate her. But, there’s no denying she’s a bad person, who’s profited off the misfortune in Harlem. For someone so smart, it’s a little shocking how much she wants to believe she’s “clean.”