Daredevil season three will supposedly introduce Bullseye


Season three of Marvel’s Daredevil will supposedly introduce the notorious villain, Bullseye, to the series.

Look out, Karen Page! Daredevil is apparently introducing Bullseye to the list of villains in Hell’s Kitchen trying to destroy the titular character. Comic book fans also know he’s the man responsible for Karen’s death. This season is already shaping up to be one of the darkest yet for the Netflix-Marvel Universe.

That Hashtag Show earlier reported new cast member, Wilson Bethel, would be portraying an FBI Agent. However, they have since revealed that casting description was only a ruse to cover up the character’s real identity.

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Fans have been asking for some incarnation of Bullseye since the first season of Daredevil. Now that the series planning a “Born Again” arc for this year, it makes sense for the villain to appear. Kingpin is out of prison and is planning to wage an all-out war on the man who sent him there in the first place.

Although it’s doubtful Bullseye will start as an outright bad guy at the beginning of this season. The casting description called Bethel’s character someone who needs the rules of the FBI to keep his darkness in check. More than likely, this will be a highly skilled man who slowly transitions from a good guy to an assassin.

Introducing Bullseye definitely spells trouble for Karen on Daredevil. At the end of the “Born Again story, Matt ends up happily living with her and resuming his mantle as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Now that Elektra is out of the picture, this seems like a feasible conclusion for this season. However, it also sets up Karen’s death at the hands of Bullseye for season four.

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Would Daredevil kill off its female lead? Considering Matt Murdock has a long history of failed relationships due to murder in the comics, it’s certainly possible. One thing is for sure, Karen should be on the look-out for any well-placed clubs.

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