Stranger Things: Noah Schapp accidentally reveals spoiler!


A Stranger Things season 3 spoiler has been revealed courtesy of Noah Schnapp!

Alright so this isn’t a major Stranger Things spoiler, but its one nonetheless and honestly, we will take any information about season three at this point. Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers, is the individual behind this accidental oopsie reveal.

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While speaking with fans, he accidentally blurted the fate of his pet dog, Chester, who hasn’t been since the premiere season. When we last saw Chester, he was protecting Will from the Demogorgon. He luckily didn’t get devoured by the Demogorgon and lived to see another day–chilling in the background of season one.

In season two, we didn’t see any sign of Chester and nor was he mentioned by the any of the characters. During an interview, Schnapp revealed, “I think he died.” Uh oh. And he goes on to mention that there is a grave for Chester that you will see in season three. Despite his attempts to quiet the crowd after giving away a spoiler, he was recorded and within moments his goof-up online for everyone to see.

We’re not entirely sure just how much of Chester’s death will be discussed in season three, but we may get to learn what happened to him in the Netflix/Dark Horse comic book miniseries that will highlight Will’s time in the Upside Down.

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The spoiler isn’t exactly detrimental to whatever season three has cooking up for us, but we can all take a moment to giggle at Schnapp’s reveal and wonder when/where we will see Chester’s grave in season three.

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