CBS true crime premieres for July: ‘Whistleblower’ and ‘Pink Collar Crimes’


Mark your calendars!  Two true crime series, Whistleblower and Pink Collar Crimes are set to premiere this month on CBS.


Executive Produced by 48 Hours star Susan Zirinsky, “Whistleblower” will look into the world of corporate crime. It promises to expose corporations for ripping off taxpayers and highlight the courage of those who step forward. It will be hosted by former Judge and Police Officer Alex Ferrer. According to, the premiere episode will look into Bristol-Myers Squibb, a proverbial pharmaceutical giant.  Whistleblower will surely raise eyebrows and ruffle feathers. It premieres at 8 PM on Friday, July 13, on CBS.

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Pink Collar Crimes

Pink Collar Crimes will have a different focus — ordinary women who attempt extraordinary crimes. Hosted by famous O.J. Simpson Prosecutor and author, Marcia Clark, it promises to show stories about “soccer moms” robbing banks, and look into their trials and prison lives. What made these women commit their crimes? How did they get caught? These are but a few questions raised. Produced by Jon Kroll and Sharon Liese, Pink Collar Crimes premieres at 8 PM on Saturday, July 28.

Star Power

Both shows have well-known people as hosts. Whistleblower‘s Alex Ferrer is already known for Judge Alex, a syndicated show which ran from 2005-2014. Although Judge Alex‘s cases were lighter in tone, Ferrer has dealt with far more serious crimes, including armed robberies, kidnappings, and first-degree murders. He was also less quick to yell, in stark contrast to other celebrity Judges, like Judge Judy. Variously, Ferrer was a Police Officer, Lawyer, and a Judge, which means he knows about the criminal justice system.

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Pink Collar Crimes undoubtedly has a star host, as Marcia Clark became a household name during the O.J. Simpson trial. In fact, she once described herself as “famous in a way that was kind of terrifying.” In addition to the O.J. trial, she’s an established true crime author, TV personality and fiction novelist.