Hulu to create Anne Rice’s ‘The Vampire Chronicles’


Hulu is going to develop a series based on Anne Rice’s 11-book series, The Vampire Chronicles!

Vampires have been the “it” thing for quite a while now and Hulu intends to continue that trend by bringing The Vampire Chronicles to their streaming service. The series will be based on Anne Rice’s 11-book series which was released last year, and Paramount TV and Anonymous are the ones behind the project.

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Christoper Rice, Rice’s son, will be an executive producer along with Anne, and joining them are David Kanter and Steve Golin of Anonymous. They are currently looking for a new showrunner after Bryan Fuller exited the project.

The Vampire Chronicles dates back to 1976’s Interview with the Vampire, and the sequel, The Vampire Lestat came out in 1985. The initial book introduced readers to Louis who is turned into a vampire by someone named Lestat. The books that followed after focus on his adventures that explore how vampires came about, meeting Satan, and in the most recent novel, going to Atlantis.

If you recall, back in 1994, Interview with the Vampire was made into a movie starring Brad Pitt who played Louis and Tom Cruise who played Lestat. The other cast involved was Christian Slater, Antonio Banderas, Kirsten Dunst, Thandie Newton, as well as others!

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The Hollywood Reporter was the first outlet to break this news, and we look forward to seeing how Hulu tackles this project and brings this popular world of vampires to life.

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