Legion: David won’t be the hero of season 3 but who will?


With David’s transition to the villain of this story, who will be the hero in Legion?

At San Diego Comic Con, FX assembled the Legion panel to teases the upcoming season three. While the series had quite the divisive sophomore run, the show hit a hard reset by the finale. Now that David has embraced being the bad guy, fans were left wondering who would take over the mantle has the hero. Luckily, the cast already knows the answer: it’s Syd.

Throughout this past season, Syd has been forced to grapple with the knowledge her future self represented an ominous future. It caused her to act a bit impulsively and tie her fate to David’s for all the wrong reasons. But when push came to shove, this ride-or-die decided the best possible outcome would be to shoot her boyfriend and save the world.

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Of course, this doesn’t exactly translate to unconditional love from the fandom. She has also been a divisive character in season two, and many viewers were upset with her decision. Others stood by her after David took her memories and assaulted her. Nevertheless, she should be an interesting choice to play the new hero.

However, Legion star, Rachel Keller, pointed out Syd might not actually be ready for the role she’s undertaken.

"“The most important thing is how Syd will react if the plans don’t go as planned as a hero. When what she loves and wants do not necessarily coincide. How she reacts will show who she is as a hero”"

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It’ll certainly be fun to see Syd challenged to put aside her own needs for the greater good. Yet, many fans will probably wonder why Cary/Kerry aren’t the ones stepping up to the plate. The siblings are deeply beloved by viewers and seem like the natural choice to embrace heroism. But then again, Legion never likes to take the easiest path.

What do you think of Syd’s new role? Do you like David playing a villain? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Comicbook