Preacher season three trailer released at Comic-Con


Preacher arrives at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about all things season three–including dear ‘ol Gran’ma.

Preacher is well into its third season but still came out to San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the season thus far and what the remainder of the season will be like. They even prepared a trailer to show fans so they can see what’s to come in the episodes ahead. Got to love the appreciation for fandom!

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The new trailer gives a first look at the leader of the Grail, Allfather D’Aronique, and Eccarius the vampire who wants Cassidy to get a taste of the afterlife.  So far in season three, Jesse has left Tulip and Cassidy behind in Angelville with Gran’ma so she can save Tulip’s life.

However, Gran’ma has ulterior motives and is making a deal with the devil, literally, so she can keep him around. And by the way, Jesse still hasn’t let go of his determined plan to find God.

This season has also introduced the character who killed Jesse’s father, Jody, played by Jeremy Childs. This has been an interesting dynamic for Jesse who is extremely saddened and conflicted over the death of his father, and it’s something he continues to struggle within the present.

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And even though the third season is nearly halfway over, we still have the whole second half to look forward to. What are you most excited about? Share your comments below!

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