Vice season 6, episode 15 recap: ‘After the Fall’


On the latest episode of Vice, the show took a look at the current situation in Syria.

As of right now, all of the world powers have their eye on Syria as the Syrian Civil war is a key part of addressing the situation in the Middle East.

Vice takes viewers into one of the most embattled cities of Syria and looks at what happened.

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In Raqqa the former capital of ISIS in Syria, many buildings are still outfitted with land mines.

Since no international authority seems to be really assisting with this, that means that Syrian civilians are having to deal with rebuilding their lives and coping with the consequences of the Syrian Civil War on their own.

Since Raqqa was the former capital of ISIS, that means it was the target of numerous bombings. Not surprisingly, the city has been devastated as a result.

Numerous buildings, city streets, and entire communities have been reduced to rubble as a result of the global power struggle. As is often the case, the destruction has resulted in countless people losing their homes.

Massive amounts of homeless people who have lost everything as a result of a bloody war is a powder keg just waiting to explode. Particularly because huge numbers of people are missing relatives and other loved ones who were taken by ISIS.

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Huge numbers of workers are working every day at uncovering bodies covered by mounds of rubble all across the city or buried in mass graves. According to one worker, most of the bodies found are that of civilians.

Since forensics aren’t really an option right now, only a small amount of bodies are able to be paired with families.

So the big question is what comes next? War is one thing, but rebuilding after it and creating a new state is quite another.