Orange Is The New Black season 6, episode 1 premiere: ‘Who Knows Better Than I’


Guess who’s back? Back again. Orange Is The New Black–tell all your friends. 

Orange Is The New Black is finally back, folks and after the cliffhanger of last season, we’ve been dying to know just what went down with all our favorite inmates. Unfortunately, the season six premiere is a tad bit underwhelming, and we expected there to be more oomph, for a lack of a better word.

The episode began with Crazy Eyes deep into a moment of hallucinations as a result of being off her meds for too long. This beginning sequence is a whopping eight minutes long, and we sort of just wanted to get the episode started. In Crazy Eyes’ hallucinations, she thinks she is watching television and all the inmates are acting out different scenes from shows and movies as Crazy Eyes “changes the channel”.

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It’s a very trippy and odd scene but we suppose it’s necessary to highlight the medical attention Suzanne needs, and the lack of it she is getting in Max (where she so doesn’t belong). The hallucinations start to die down as reality sinks in and Suzanne is whisked away for her interrogation.

It is clear she is not of much help due to her mental state of mind, and after much pleading and begging, is given an injection of antipsychotics to stabilize her. We learn through flashbacks that Cindy and Suzanna were in hiding as the other inmates were arrested after the riot ended. And from their hiding spot, they witnessed the prison guards setting up a murder scene to frame one of the inmates for Piscatella’s murder. Seriously, could the guards be any worse on this show?

Credit: Netflix

In order to absolve them of any involvement, Cindy tells Suzanne they have to let the guards find them somewhere far away from the pool, and they cannot ever reveal what they saw. Of course, getting Suzanne to understand and agree is a difficult task, but they make it work. When the guards find them, they pretend to be deaf so as not to be forced to answer any questions.

There’s another Suzanne hallucination moment in this episode while she is having her psych eval and imagines all the inmates doing the Cha-Cha slide. It’s actually quite hilarious and had us dancing along as well–seriously. Luckily, after everything, Suzanne is taken out of AdSeg and into GenPop, which she will now call home.

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This episode is a bit slow, but its tough to watch because the guards suck hardcore. We see Daya getting beat up by them and torturing is just a game to them, literally. In fact, they have a sick running draft going in which they assign points for the things inmates will do, such as committing suicide. However, it seems that Daya may have a female admirer in prison, and it’s a story we’re here for.

Interestingly enough, Taystee seems to know one of the guards from her past, and it’s clear there is a lot of animosity there especially considering where each of them is in their lives. We also see Red in the premiere episode and her dealing with a nightmare of a roommate known as Badison (real name, Murphy). She is seriously going to be a pain in the ass, we can already tell.

And one last thing, where the hell is Alex? We’re just asking for a friend.