Stranger Things: Season 3 will be most ambitious one yet!


Stranger Things is about to give us the best season they’ve ever had with some inspiration from horror movie legend John Carpenter.

Stranger Things is releasing more and more information regarding its third season as production is well underway. According to producer Shawn Levy, the third season is going to be “the most ambitious”, and our minds are racing with what this could mean.

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It appears that the production on the third season of Stranger Things is happening at a fast rate as they work to take the show to another level. We’ve spent time in the Upside Down, we’ve seen evil forces haunt Hawkings–but where will we go next?

While Levy wouldn’t share what he meant by ambitious, he did state that there will be way more action and the scope of the story, plot, and characters is a lot bigger this time around. The evolution will continue, and fans will be all in for whatever they’ve got.

Perhaps the most exciting news to come out Levy’s statements was that season 3 will have John Carpenter’s influence throughout it, along with other 80’s horror directors. For those who don’t know, Carpenter can be credited for horror classics such as The ThingsHalloween, and The Fog. So, it’s safe to assume we truly are in for a treat this time around!

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Season two ended with all the kids at a school dance, happy and content that the portal between our world and the Upside Down had been closed. However, the final image we see is of the Mindslayer watching over the kids from the Upside Down, perhaps due to an interest in Eleven’s psychic powers.

If the Mindslayer takes over Eleven’s mind, then season three will literally cause all hell to break loose, and mimic Carpenter’s films where the monster lives amongst the crowd, with no one aware.

Stranger Things will return in 2019–can’t it come sooner, though?