Hulu’s The First teaser starring Sean Penn


The first The First trailer has been released as Sean Penn’s near-future epic shares a first look.

Sean Penn’s The First, near-future drama about the first attempt to send humans to Mars, looks appropriately grand for the acclaimed actor’s first major television role.

The trailer is filled with awe and grandeur, philosophically quoting Carl Sagan, basking in the wonder to be found both on Earth and out in the Cosmos, reveling in the curiosity and ingenuity of the human race. It looks beautiful and inspiring but reminds me more than a little of the longwinded pretension of Terrence Malik’s The Tree of Life, which coincidentally also stars Sean Penn.

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The series definitely has some prestige behind the camera, as The First is helmed by House of Cards creator Beau Willimon. He will be executive producing with his producing partner Jordan Trappis.

The First will focus on a group of astronauts lead by a visionary aerospace magnate played by Natascha McElhone. This kind of character is perhaps a nod to Elon Musk’s spacefaring attempts and a foreseeable future in which space exploration is undertaken by entrepreneurs rather than organizations limited by government funding.

Of course, there is a risk and personal sacrifice involved in undertaking the mission, as McElhone reminds us in her voiceover. “Any time people venture into the unknown, there is a cost.” The implication is that the cost is worth the venture.

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The First is a co-production between Hulu and UK’s Channel 4 and will co-star an ensemble cast, including Lisa Gay Hamilton, Hannah Ware, Keiko Ageno, Rey Lucas, James Ransone, Anna Jacoby-Heron, Brian Lee Franklin and Oded Fehr. The series premieres Friday, September 14 on Hulu. If anything it should be entertaining for us here on this mote of dust suspended on a sunbeam.

Source: Deadline