Fear The Walking Dead: Cast discusses Kim Dickens’ exit


Fear The Walking Dead dished all about the season four midseason finale and yet another devastating loss the fans may never recover from.

Fear The Walking Dead has made a place for itself in the zombie world of television and as the seasons have progressed, we have really connected with each and every character and their story. Season four has been a whirlwind emotional adventure as the series has two lost pivotal characters, and it has been a devastating loss for the cast and fans alike.

At San Diego Comic-Con, Colman Domingo, who plays Strand spoke about how Dickens’ exit was unexpected and devastating. But he also mentioned that it was part of the plot and the writers are pushing the characters forward in a way that honors Madison’s legacy.

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As a reminder, Dickens’ character, Madison, gave the ultimate sacrifice when she led a horde of walkers away from her family and friends so they could escape. We may have lost her but her sacrifice will forever be etched in our hearts.

Maggie Grace, who plays Al, spoke about how she was saddened over the fact that she didn’t get to really work with Dickens since the overlap between the two was only one episode. Alycia Debnam-Carey reminisced how she processed Dickens exit during filming.

"“She was such a calling card for the show, you know? It’s funny, I mourned the process through, really, while we were working. You’re working with them and concurrently trying to deal with the fact that you’re not just losing the character, but you’re also losing kind of your family. We spend more time with this group of people than we do with our families for six months of the year. While filming, a lot of those emotional scenes are just, like, me losing it [laughs].”"

The cast reflected on how they were dreading the eighth episode which would illustrate Dickens’ exit, but knowing about it didn’t help when the moment came–it was just as difficult. They really missed her presence at San Diego Comic-Con this year and felt something was missing.

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Going forward, Madison’s character will no longer be seen in season four, but her absence will still be a driving force for those she left behind. The back half of the fourth season will be about hope and moving on–because that’s what Madison would have wanted.

Fear The Walking Dead returns on August 12th on AMC at 9 PM EST!