Orange Is The New Black season 6, episode 4 recap: ‘I’m The Talking Ass’


Herbal products, an inmate on the run in love, and Luschek make up episode four of Orange Is The New Black–and finally string together the missing pieces.

Orange Is The New Black has kept us waiting to see some of the series’ major characters, and while we began to question whether or not they’d even make it on-screen, this episode really turned the story around.

Taystee is finally up for her interrogation, except she doesn’t exactly get one. The case has been built based on many *ahem* testimonies, and it’s all but final that she is getting blamed for murdering Piscatella.

As a viewer watching the show, this part is so aggravating because she was advocating for change and seeking justice for her friend. But in turn, things are really going to hell for her. By the end of the episode, she tries seeking out Caputo’s help–let’s see what he can actually pull off though.

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Taystee’s public defender is keeping it real when she tells her that the optics of the situation aren’t great, and the only thing going for her is that MCC wants the case to go away ASAP. Otherwise, with other prison riots breaking out across the country, Taystee’s future is looking more and grimmer.

At this point, only Red and Taystee remain in Ad Seg, while just about everyone else has been transferred into Gen Pop, some living it up like Frieda and Suzanne, while some being beaten on like Daya.

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Speaking of Daya, Aleida finally makes an appearance in this episode as she struggles to find a job that will hire her. She stumbles across a woman selling herbal products and decides to become a salesperson for her. And while this may be a scam that will later implode, Aleida finally learns about Daya taking a plea for second-degree murder and is heartbroken over the fact that her daughter may be in jail for the rest of her life.

There is a heartbreaking interaction between Red and Nicky in this episode, because Nicky is backed into a corner regarding her sentence, and if she doesn’t implicate Red, she’s pretty much screwed. She conveys this to Red in a cryptic manner while pretending to be on the phone with her mom, but really just trying to inform Red of the situation.

Luschek along with some of the other guards come to work at Max, and we learn a bit more about the heinous inmate draft that Luschek is actually excited about. Damn, boy, contain your enthusiasm why don’t ya?

To be honest, the flashback to Nicky’s Bat Mitzvah was a bit of a time waste. It didn’t add to the story that we were currently watching, and it was telling us information we already knew. Her parents are horrible, she hates them–the end. And another mediocre part of the storyline this season is that of Pennsatucky and Donuts. We’re not entirely sold on its purpose, and it’s obvious they will get caught at some point.

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Before the episode’s end, we learn that Kukudio died during the riot, and see the glorious return of Alex! Although this is certainly not shocking for anyone that watches the intro before every episode. Also, can we reflect on the investigator being extremely happy about something in Blanca’s file? What was all that about?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens as we continue to binge Orange Is The New Black!