9-1-1: Season 2 trailer gives first look at Jennifer Love Hewitt


Fox just dropped the latest 9-1-1 season 2 trailer –and things are heating up!

9-1-1 looks epic and we’ve just begun to see what they have in store for us. At the Fox TCA’s, the series released a first look at season 2 and of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Hewitt is essentially replacing the role of Connie Britton’s Abby as a 9-1-1 operator. Does this mean she may get Buck too?

Hewitt’s character, Maddie, is seen in the trailer answering an emergency call as an earthquake rattles Los Angeles. As always, our team is on it and we see how chaotic the entire city is and wonder what it’s in store for the first responders.

The trailer also gave us a very, very brief peek at the sexy Ryan Guzman who is also joining this season, which means we now have Oliver Stark and Guzman to admire. This show is seriously everything.,

We also got a quick glimpse at Athena and Bobby making out (remember they went on a date at the end of season one?), which will hopefully be a cute relationship to see unfold over the course of the second season!

During the TCA’s Fox also confirmed that Connie Britton will not appear in season 2, but she will always have a place in the show if she ever wants to return. Fox chairman Gary Newman talked about Britton’s departure briefly with TVLine.

"“We love Connie Britton, [but] it was always envisioned to be a one-year role. So it wasn’t a surprise [that she left]. If Connie expressed interest and had time in the future, I know [executive producer] Ryan [Murphy] would be thrilled to bring her back to the show.”"

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Maybe fans can still out some hope for her return at some point, but until then we have Jennifer Love Hewitt to fill the hole Britton has left behind.

Are you excited about the second season of 9-1-1?  Share your thoughts below!