Cloak & Dagger season 1, episode 9 and 10 finale recap: ‘Back Breaker’ and ‘Colony Collapse’

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Cloak & Dagger has the heroes regress so they can climb one final hurdle in the season finale.

Easily one of the best series of the summer, Cloak & Dagger finishes on a strong note. While the penultimate episode serves mostly as a mandatory character regression to force the heroes to embrace their destiny, the finale is riveting. There’s no doubt this Marvel series will return with an even more compelling second season next year.

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To recap episode nine, both Tandy and Tyrone are dealing with their own sets of problems. They’re also back to hating each other, which isn’t exactly the best plan of action to take. Despite getting a confession on tape of Connors admitting to the murder of Billy, the police are hesitant to take action. His parents are furious because they correctly believe his pursuit of Connors has made him a target. It doesn’t matter that he was right, because it just confirms their darkest fear that the police covered up the unarmed murder of an African American teenager.

Meanwhile, Tandy finally gets Liam out of jail to try and return to her old life. However, after she messes with his head, he steals her money and trashes her church. While she seems a little ticked off by losing her life savings, she mainly understands why he did it.

O’Reilly isn’t stupid either and she knows Connors is behind the murder of her boyfriend. After tossing back a few drinks, she confronts him at the bar. Naturally, this ends with her getting beat up but it doesn’t make either one feel any better. Unluckily, Tyrone has been framed for the death of the boyfriend and has him out on the run.

Tandy ends up returning to her mother’s house to find her held at gunpoint by a member of the Roxxon Corporation. For the most part, Cloak & Dagger ends the penultimate episode by putting the heroes’ loved ones in jeopardy. Not to mention, one of Mina’s valves exploded and left her running for her life in the woods.