Cloak & Dagger officially renewed for season 2


Cloak & Dagger will be coming back for another season.

At San Diego Comic Con, Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb surprised fans with the news of a renewal for the Freeform show. It doesn’t come as a large surprise because Cloak & Dagger has been a certified hit for the network. However, fans will still be excited to learn it’s coming back nonetheless.

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The series is expected to debut sometime in the spring of 2019 instead of the summer, which makes sense due to its success. Freeform won’t expand the episode count though, with the second season set to have ten episodes again.

Cloak & Dagger also brought a sneak peek for the final two episodes of the freshman run. This week’s episode left things on an epic cliffhanger which is bound to make things action-packed for the next couple of weeks.

In the trailer, it appears like Roxxon’s chemicals are spreading and infecting New Orleans. Tandy has to deal with Scarborough while trying to save Mina from getting murdered in the coverup. Tyrone has his own problems to deal with, namely, a newly freed Detective Connors on the hunt for revenge.

However, it looks like their problems become intertwined before the season ends. Tyrone can be seen in some sort of rig again while Tandy is back on the docks. It wouldn’t be surprising if Connors is revealed to be working alongside Roxxon this season. Hopefully, this means Tandy will be able to show up and help Ty protect O’Reilly from getting shot to death.

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What’s interesting is seeing both Tyrone’s and Tandy’s mothers appear in the trailer. While it’s not surprising to see Ty’s mom take an interest in keeping her son safe, it’s a bit weird for Tandy’s. Will Cloak & Dagger end with the two running away from home like in the comics? Anything certainly seems possible.

Be sure to watch Cloak & Dagger on Thursday nights at 8 PM to see what happens in the final two episodes!

Source: Deadline