10 must-watch Netflix originals coming in August

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The Innocents / Image by Netflix

The Innocents — August 24

The Innocents is a fascinating take on the classic coming-of-age story, where two young lovers named Harry and June run away from their over-bearing families to start a new life together.

So far so good, but then June inexplicably beings to experience alarming changes when she discovers the ability to shapeshift.

Used in this context, shapeshifting stands as an unsettling metaphor for the struggles of adolescence. This ability is not portrayed as easy or cool in this story, but frightening, painful, and awkward.

The series follows Harry and June as they navigate their relationship while coming to terms with June’s abilities.

Ozark — August 31

The much anticipated second season of Ozark is almost here and it looks even more intense than the first season.

The series follows Jason Bateman’s Marty Byrde as he struggles to save himself and his family by setting up a money laundering operation in the Ozarks for a powerful drug cartel.

Season 2 sees the Byrdes escalating their operation through a casino project while trying to balance family interests and constant outside threats.

Laura Linney co-stars as Marty’s wife Wendy and Janet McTeer joins the cast as a Chicago attorney with ties to the cartel.

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Season 1 had plenty of unexpected twists and shocking surprises, so its anyone’s guess what season two has in store.

Jason Bateman helpfully teases that “It’s probably going to get a little worse before it gets better.”