Orange Is The New Black season 6, episode 7 recap: ‘Changing Winds’


Orange Is The New Black takes us back in time to meet young Badison while Piper decides to write a memoir!

Orange Is The New Black is trying hard to push the new characters of this season on us, but even with the Badison flashback this episode, it’s just not hitting home.

It’s not simply because they are new characters, but there is a disconnect because the flashbacks aren’t providing information that we don’t already know.

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Badison’s flashbacks consist of her anger management issues and how they got worse when she became a target of bullies at the camp for troubled teens.

She deals with a lot of insecurities and just wants to be acknowledged and recognized for once, which is why she’s willing to go to all lengths in this C block vs. D block war.

The coolest part about the seventh episode is Piper deciding to write a memoir! This is an interesting plot to bring up in the series because Orange Is The New Black is loosely based on the life of writer Piper Kerman, who wrote her own memoir after being in prison for 13 months.

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But Piper decides to write after taking a quiz in a magazine that tells her she has peaked, and she doesn’t want her last few months in prison to be unproductive so she will write about the injustices and what the experience has been like for her.

And based on some old photos she found, she wants to bring the rivaling blocks together before she leaves. It’s a sweet notion, but right now seems impossible.

While Piper has very little time left on her sentence, Alex still has four years so it makes us wonder how their relationship will play out, and if Alex can keep a distance from the horrible Badison and the illegal activities of her empire.

And this may not be the case because Alex points Badison in the direction of Luscheck who helps them smuggle in cell phones, but with all of D block’s girls currently going through withdrawal, one attacks Badison.

At that moment, Badison hands a cell phone to Alex as we all hold our breath for Alex to get caught.

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Love is in the air (and no, not referring to the drug dependent couple Daya and Daddy), but between Caputo and Fig! She is finally letting her guard down, and even though he is about to move to Missouri, the things sort of seem normal between them. Way to go, Caputo!

There’s even an unexpected friendship blossoming between Blanca and Nicky, and Nicky has decided to help Blanca get pregnant via artificial insemination.

Wonder how that will work? Orange Is The New Black has Ruiz fighting to get out of Psych after someone tried to drown her, but no one believes her. Sigh, karma is really making its rounds on her, isn’t it?